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Patreon Support / Patreon Support
« on: September 30, 2015, 02:57:11 AM »
So this is just a reminder or bit of info for people that may not be aware of Androids-onsteroids.com... companion site to this community... Where rom download links will be contained... Where all my private builds are now public... And where most of the info of the patreon page will be...

The goal of the patron is basically going to support the server.... the cost of running the whole community and the time of some for upkeep...mainly it will go towards the cost of devices which is one of the main benefits that will come in a tangible form other than having a community which we all are apart of...

Once we hit the Patreon goals I will be purchasing a flagship phone and then once the second goal is reached a flagship phone and tablet once a month which I will kit out with a full custom build with my setup on it and raffle it off to the patreon supporters...i want everyone to benefit I'm very real ways... Its gonna be a blast fellas buckle up...




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