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Moto Nexus 6 / PopRocks Nexus 6
« on: November 05, 2015, 03:24:15 AM »
This will be the Op for PopRocks 5.1.1 for the Moto Nexus 6...i will add more to the op as we go...



I am not responsible if you torch your Nexus 6, set fire to your living room... Or your gf leaves you for flashing addiction lol

Do not copy mirror or repost my links to another site or forum...Just enjoy the builds


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Moto Nexus 6 / MilkyWayN6 Rom
« on: October 29, 2015, 02:41:03 AM »
Here is the new OP for the Motorola Nexus 6 MilkyWay 6.0 Rom

Op info will be added as will op2 kit as the amount of N6 users continues to grow...

MilkyWay V3 Features

Usual FireKat and PopRocks Refinements and Optimizations For Speed and Efficiency
Rebuilt The Camera (Some slight tuning as we go to nail it)
Reduced Touch Pressure For Faster Touch Interface
Optimized The Ram Management

Download Section:


#Do Not Mirror Copy Or Repost My Roms or Links...Just enjoy the rom's Android 6 is a whole new road ahead

#Not Responsible If You Nuke Your Nexus 6 Trying To Modify It


How To... / How To...Test Mods Safely
« on: October 21, 2015, 02:01:07 PM »
A little trick I use to test Mods, alterations to the build, or various custom bits like themes ect...

The backup method is always a good go to...once your setup is complete make a backup with Twrp of your setup in tact prior to making mods...this is the most common method and always good to have a backup...

My preferred method is actually to flash or sideload a given mod just prior to clean flashing either an update of the rom or simply reflashing things clean...this gives you the same flexibility as a backup without taking the storage space or time of the backup, and worst case scenario of a no boot you simply clean flash as intended...if things go well with the test then you can flash the update later on now with the knowledge that the mod is compatible and or stable and should be good to go for the next rom update your flashing

Just a little method I use that doesn't interfere with your normal use and gives you sinilar flexibility as using the backup method


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General Discussion / Articles
« on: October 10, 2015, 04:37:17 PM »
I know alot of guys are constantly looking for information and feedback about various devices...hardware...ect

These articles address many of the common questions I get...am constantly adding new articles and taking feedback for new things to address...if you have any ideas please feel free to post them


Device Reviews and Previews



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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 / PopRocks 5.1 Tmo and Canadian
« on: October 07, 2015, 02:02:03 PM »
PopRocks 5.1 for N910t,  T3, and Canadian Note 4

Features of PR 5.1:

Completely Optimized Build: Typical PR Speed and Fluidity
Overhauled and Rebuilt PopRocks Camera
Optimized Touchscreen Controller
Enabled Native Touchwiz Themes
Built In Themes: G3, S6, N5
5 Way Reboot Menu
Native Sms Backup/Restore
Enabled Air Messages
50 Multi Window Apps Enabled On Install
Flashlight Toggle Added
Removed Quick Toggles

Tmo N910T users...

1. Odin Flash Cog2 Base
2. Odin Flash Twrp
3. Advanced Wipe:
Data, dalvik, system, cache
4. Flash PR 5.1 VX
5. Let it rest for 10 minutes
6. Uncheck Force Gpu Rendering
7. Install apps
8. Allow build to settle 3 to 4 charge cycles and adjust from there
9. Enjoy

T3 and Canadian users can just clean flash their given PR builds strait up over their 5.1.1 base...

1. Boot into Twrp
2. Advanced Wipe: data dalvik system cache
3. Follow steps 4 thru 9 above

Download... will be on AoS Host when the site gets updated...

Tmo/T3 V4


PopRocks Can V4


**Kit For PR 5.1**

*Canadian Users Must Add These Bits For Native Launcher Themes

1. Add this to System/Csc
2. Set permissions


3. Add This to System/App
4. Set Permissions


5. Reboot and Enjoy

*4x5 Touchwiz Launcher 5.1.1

1. Replace Apk In touchwiz home Apk folder
2. Set permissions
3. Reboot and Enjoy


5x5 Touchwiz Launcher 5.1.1


*Xposed For PR 5.1.1

1. Flash The Zip With Twrp
2. Reboot
3. Install Apk


#Warning: Xposed appears to cause similar or worse cpu issues on 5.1.1 than it does even on PR 5.0...hopefully one way or another well figure out a way around it but just FYI

Kernels For Pr5 Tmo

Emotion V20 is the fastest kernel configuration natively... Synapse causes issues (I reco uninstalling it)... I haven't had any issues with native 20 built into v4 but apparently some run setups have issues with emo kernels... Thank seraph


Ael 5.1 is slower than Emo but fewer issues on setups that had a few stability issues on emo


Beast Mode 1.1 is the slowest kernel but stable and runs perfectly fine... Thanks deex and freeze


For any of these kernels using a controller will alter the speed and responsiveness... The above info are standard as flashed without modding the kernel config

Wanna Thank:

Sefrecoko as always the Canadian base deodex was much appreciated especially this funky 5.1.1
Frezza thanks for the Canadian kernel
Ib8 thanks for the emotion kernel for the tmo pr build and ui mod for adaway
Thanks Chad for the 4x5 and 5x5 launcher mods
Thanks Wanam for Xposed for 5.1.1 and Seraph for sharing them
Thanks to force, Delgado, phone, seraph, sefrecoko, denson, ronnie, nick and greg for posting or sending me the mods kit and kernels to patch things up and add a couple extra mods ect and for testing the builds to get us up and running...
Last but not least...the original dude that made the sprint kernel that most of the others are based on
Thanks fellas everyone appreciates the help esp this guy


Do not mirror or repost my roms from this thread or the androids-onsteroids main hub...

Latest Tech / LG G4 Pro
« on: October 06, 2015, 11:02:27 PM »
Let's hope the rumors are true... I've been waiting to see a g pro 2 follow up for over a year... Was really wanting a 6 inch g3 so hopefully LG is about to come up clutch...hope the rumors are true and it's something new on the horizon


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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 / FireKat N3 Tmobile
« on: October 04, 2015, 12:50:35 PM »
For details or feature set check the Att FK N3 op as this will just contain the link to the build on AoS...


Fkn3 tmo v27x


Please don't steal my roms, don't copy them mirror them or upload them to any other site or threads...thanks just enjoy them


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Themes and Apps / Zooper Widgets
« on: October 03, 2015, 12:13:23 PM »
Here I figured it's another thing alot of people seem to get into and enjoy customizing zooper widgets to really to your setup to another level...I'm constantly tinkering and making new widgets and I like sharing them...Def looking forward to seeing the ones you guys all come up with...I'll be adding links to my past zooper kits and new ones as we go


PopRocks AoS Custom Widgets Box: new collection of custom kits


A few to start things off...

PopRocks Summer Lake 1

PopRocks Sunny Beach

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Themes and Apps / Wallpapers
« on: October 03, 2015, 11:36:41 AM »
Since I'm a big fan of collecting killer wallpapers...this will be the hub we can post and share awesome backgrounds and shots...enjoy these to start



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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 / FireKat N4 Variants 4.4.4 KK
« on: October 03, 2015, 02:53:06 AM »
Here you go fellas..I figured it makes sense to pull the variants from the op3 now that we have the room and freedom... these will just contain the links to android on steroids where all the roms are hosted direct...

The mod and feature set for these FireKat N4 builds are the same as Tmo and Canadian N4 in the other Op... check that op for info

FireKat Rom For N4

Verizon Developer Edition
International Note N910F Snapdragon

Variant Links to AoS

Sprint FireKat N4 V14XxXR:


Vz Dev Ed FireKat N4 V14XxXR:


International Note 4 N910F FireKat V14XxXR:


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 / PopRocks N4 Variant Links 5.0.1 Lp
« on: October 03, 2015, 02:42:46 AM »
Here you go fellas..I figured it makes sense to pull the variants from the op3 now that we have the room and freedom... these will just contain the links to android on steroids where all the roms are hosted direct...

The mod and feature set for these PopRocks N4 builds are the same as Tmo and Canadian N4 in the other Op... check that op for info

PopRocks Rom For N4

Verizon Developer Edition
Intentional N4 N910F Snapdragon

Sprint N4 V14XxXR:


Verizon Developer Editions V14XxXR:


Intl N4F V14XxXR:


General Discussion / Android Uncensored Credit System
« on: October 02, 2015, 11:10:48 AM »
Heads up fellas...

So you guys may have noticed the addition of what looks like a cash counter in your profiles... we implemented this counter for now just for testing to ensure compatibility with our system ect.

The idea behind the point system if I decide to go this route and can roll it out on a proper scale would be a system by which Patreon supporters would be eligible for participating in a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly raffle like I've done in the past for the N12.2, gear level headphones ect where i could raffle off cases,chargers, batteries, screen protectors ect...where your relative points are earned with greater participation on the forum would allot you more and more numbers in a given raffle...I haven't worked out exactly how I would implement the program but I'm considering several different options to see if any make sense. The enrollment for participating would be only for the Patreon supporters as a way to give back to the community, offer incentives for supporting the community and for being active in the threads, and would hopefully help us reach the patreon goals quicker with more people so I could start the custom Flagship Device monthly raffles...

I will update  guys as things progress...

Be sure to check our my patreon page for more info or to support the community...




How To... / How To...? Optimize Your Setup
« on: October 01, 2015, 02:44:42 AM »
This is my personal setup process that I've come up with over the years. While some of the steps or information may be speaking of a specific device or rom build, the information is relative and somewhat generic merely transpose the information to your relevant device and rom to adjust accordingly.

For more How To's, Tutorials, and Information be sure to check out the website over at...


My personal setup step by step...

For the absolute most optimal setup follow these few simple steps to take your setup to a whole new level and make your device run like a brand new phone...enjoy

I've had so many requests for this here ya go...here's how I do my exact setup...absolutely most optimized possible


1. Uncheck Force Gpu Rendering in developer options...about phone, click FireKat V10 (whatever build your on) 10 times to unlock dev options

2. Use Wanam and Xposed to deactivate Dvsf under Advanced in Wanam...dramatic boost in responsiveness, lower running temp, no screen dimming or cpu throttling

3. Change Animation and Transition settings in developer options...set all 3 from 1.0x to 0.5x. ..another huge boost to responsiveness and speed of any launcher

4. Greenify all downloaded user apps...Dont touch system app/don't activate greenify xposed mod

5. Disable the follow apps

Samsung Push Service
Google Chrome
Google Books
Google Magazines
Google Music
Google Hangouts
Google Plus
*obviously unless you use any of the above

6. Disable google location history and location reporting...doesn't affect maps or g now at all only stops a ton of data mining and wake locks

7. Do not use power saving mode...it defeats the optimizations and tweaks I've done to make the battery life so awesome

Enjoy the new build...latterly for those who want v10 on crack and steroids...use multicore controller or setcpu to max throttle the cpu to 2.26 ghz full time on performance governor lol then you're head will be spinning

Optimized Setup 2

As for the rest of my setup. ..op2 is a standard...ive done that forever every single flash exactly the same...

Honestly I don't do much else I let the rom do all the work...

For battery life: greenify is all i use...i greenify everything except widgets like zooper pro, live wallpapers like aurora or ocean weather, root apps like setcpu root explorer ect, ...which is mainly widgets, wallpapers, and root apps...no system apps
NO TUNERS CLEANERS RAM CLEARERS ECT...these are all counterproductive and usually cause more drain than good..

I also do not freeze or uninstall a bunch of apps from my system. ..i only do the few listed in op2

Never use power saving mode on my roms

Disable google history and reporting in location settings: doesn't negatively impact google maps or now, all functions and cards work. ..just no excess data or location pings

For performance

I use multicore controller: interactive governor
2300 ghz max
1200 ghz min (although recently increased due to excess battery life) i charge at night and since v11 on every other night getting about 5 hours screen on over 36 hours total full brightness

Animations on kk esp 4.4.4 are drastically slower than 4.3...thanks google for seeing ios8 and thinking that's the direction we should go in......

I always change my animations to .5 in dev options

I use setcpu with exact settings as multicore controller to adjust io scheduler...use ROW io setting

How To... / How To...Flash a Rom Step By Step
« on: October 01, 2015, 02:39:24 AM »

How To...? Flash a Rom Step By Step...

For More How To's, Tutorials, and Information check the website...


Flashing a rom is relatively simple, and the process is rather generic for most devices with minor variations. If you follow this guide in tandem with my flashing tutorial video you should have no problem getting your device all set up no matter your experience level. You can find the link to the Youtube video in the Video's section or through the links to my Youtube channel.

1. Download the stock rom for your device


2. Power device off


3. Boot device into bootloader/download mode


4. Using Odin for Samsung devices or command prompt/fastboot on pc to flash the stock rom for your device while the device is in download/bootloader mode (Note: nothing will be deleted from your device at this stage)


5. Allow the stock rom to install and boot up


6. Power device off again


7. Boot device into download/bootloader mode


8. Odin Flash Chainfire Auto Root or another root kit for your device/stock rom


9. Power device on


10. Open Supersu app


11. In Supersu hit "Normal" then "Continue" when prompted to install root binaries


12. Power off device


13. Boot into bootloader/download mode


14. Odin Flash Twrp Recovery or CWM Recovery for your device


15. Power off device after it boots post flashing Recovery


16. Boot into Recovery Mode on your device


17. In Recovery: Choose backup and backup your stock rooted rom (just in case)


18. Go back to Recovery main screen once the backup is finished


17. Choose Wipe: then choose Advanced Wipe: select the following options below


Under Advanced Wipe In Twrp: check only






***DO NOT Wipe Internal storage unless you want to wipe your device completely


 18. Swipe to complete Advanced Wipe


19. Go back to Recovery main menu once again


20. Choose "Install"

21. Find the rom zip folder on your sd card or internal storage


22. Swipe to begin flashing the rom zip


23. Allow rom flash to complete (Note: can be a few minutes up to 10)


24. Reboot once flash completes


25. Let the rom boot and rest 15 mins or so before beginning to install your apps


26. Use the device as usual with the benefits of the rom you flashed.


27. Enjoy

FORUM RULES / Android Uncensored Rules
« on: September 30, 2015, 03:55:38 PM »
I have one hard and fast rule here...treat everyone with respect. There's no reason to lay out a list of rules when we're all here for the same reason...we love customizing our devices and chatting about the android world. I don't care what language you use as long as it is not directed at someone or meant to be insulting. I will not censor or moderate but for the extremes should they arise and aren't handled by the members of the community which is highly doubtful I'll ever need to step in. That said enjoy the freedom and have a blast!


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