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Accessories / S7 Edge case and Tempered Glass Screen Protector
« on: October 01, 2016, 03:22:55 PM »
This is my first time doing any kind of actual "review" post so bare with me. As most of you know, I've been rocking the S7 Edge lately. While I do miss the Notes 5.7 inch screen, I'm actually pretty impressed with it so far. Development is of course limited due to the bootloader, but whatever, I have enough devices top tinker with so I'm sure I'll be ok. And with the state of android at the moment I figured I better get used to rocking a stockish device. Anyway, this review is about the case and screen protector I just received. Anyone thats touched a newer Samsung device, Note 5, S6 etc, knows they are slippery as shit. I mean I set it on the seat of my car and it slides around, falls between the seat, on the floor, etc. thats a concern. I like my devices staying new. With a glass back that just further freaks me out. This phone in particular, being smaller then my normal device choice, was stressing me out. I usually run an Otterbox Defender on my devices. Unfortunately they don't make one for the S7 Edge, so that left me with the Commuter series. The price tag was about 40 bucks. I didn't want to pay that for a device I may or may not keep, so I started looking at alternatives and figuring out what exactly I wanted in protection. I narrowed it down to
1. Port covers= I drive a trash truck for a living. The cab of my truck is not the most electronic friendly environment in the world. With daily trips to the landfill, dust gets everywhere. I like my USB and headphone jack covered to prevent dust and dirt from getting built up in there.
2. Side, Bottom, Back protection= I like the feel of the rubber bumpers around the edges. makes me feel better when my device slides around and bumps into things (not slams lol)
3. Some type of grip on the back to keep it from being so damn slippery= Holding a device one handed , well, especially this device, was tricky for me due to my paranoia. I wanted something to make it feel better in my hand, and keep it from sliding around on the seat when its laying there beside me.
4. It couldn't interfere with the edge functions= What good is having an edge screen if I can't use the features because of the case? ::)

The Otterbox has always filled these and more. It also added ALOT of bulk to the device. I got to looking around and saw a video review of the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro from Flossy Carter on you tube. It was for the Note & but hey look, They make one for the S7 Edge.

So I looked on Amazon and found one for 17. I can post links if theres any interest.
Next thing up was a tempered glass screen protector. I wanted one that goes all the way around the screen. Issue is, Most of them only have adhesive around the edge, unlike the flat screens which have full adhesive, and this causes it to pop off when putting it in a case. Well, the way the beetle case mounts, it's less of a risk. Rather then grab the 24.99 one I found one for like 12 bucks and figured what the hell. Anyway heres some pics. Ill Start with the screen protector.

Heres the box it came in. I must say, the boxes look nice and expensive  :D

Open it up and you have your standard packaging, two cleaning pads, one dry, one wet, and the alignment stickers, along with the cover this particular cover also came with a HUGE cloth to clean the phone:

Alright, so glass out of the package, Yep, 3D. Wraps around the sides, test fit it fits really nice. The cut outs for the logo camera and buttons are all spot on. Looks to be a decent product:



As a side note, they do make these for the Note & too. Alright, so this one has the same adhesive only on the edges. Not sure how long thats going to hold up, guess we will see. Really wish it was full adhesive but what can ya do. Also appears companies are releasing a version 2 so maybe thats what the revision is. They are more expensive at 24 dollars though and I'm cheap. Anyway, cleaned the screen, then put it on. It was really easy, only issue was making sure the capacitive button cutouts were lined up before laying it down. Once that was don though it went on easy peasy. Also it wrapped the full screen. Theres little to no edge visable and most importantly no clickety click when pressing the screen, which was a concern with only edge adhesive.




Well,now that thats on off to the case. First the box, again they are making the boxes nice lol. It was packaged in a plastic bag with Styrofoam around the back of the holster to keep it from shaking around and scratching.


The back of the case is hard plastic, but it does have little pads (?) of rubber that give it the grip I was looking for when sitting on a surface.

It's a two piece case, the bottom has the rubber built into it. So you remove the top, start at the bottom right corner and just run your finger around it separating it:

Bottom port cutouts with covers, side buttons, and top cutout. Also the little ridges on the side give your hand something to hold onto. Also gives you piece of mind when it comes to slipping out of your hand. :



Installation is pretty straight forward. Put it in the top first and you'll feel it snap in, then put the bottom on and snap the rubber in place. pretty basic case installation. It is a little tight. I used my screen protector and no problem. Case fits really nice. it adds a little bit of weight, but honestly that was a welcome addition. The device now feels safer in my hand, I know that may not make sense but I'm not paranoid about it slipping out anymore. The buttons are spot on without adding any extra effort to push. The cutouts are big enough to use and perfectly aligned. The dust covers completely cover the ports they are suppose to cover. I'm pretty happy so far.







Edge features aren't hindered at all. And one of the most important features to me is the raised lip on the ends. You can place it face down without worry about it resting on your screen.


So quick recap, I got the protection similar to the Defender at less then a third the price. I'm pretty happy. Fit is great, feel is good. I definitely recommend the case for someone that wants the protection of an Otterbox but maybe doesn't like the extra bulk and weight.

General Discussion / Specific setups from tb
« on: May 21, 2016, 05:44:25 PM »
Started this so the screenshots and such wouldn't clog up the general discussion thread. Also gives us a chance to go into more detail.

Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk

Themes and Apps / Themed N4 Poprocks Keyboard [10/24/15]
« on: October 21, 2015, 08:30:26 PM »
]Heres a kb I did for the n4. This is for poprocks. Anyway, enjoy folks.
More styles and colors to come.... just takes me a minute lol

Edit: Screenshots posted as users share. I don't have a note 4 to take them myself unfortunately


Themes and Apps / Let's share some themes.....
« on: September 30, 2015, 06:45:38 PM »
Currently I'm working on a theme for pop rocks. However, it's taking a bit longer then I anticipated. In the meantime, I've flashed themes, bits of themes, individual apks, etc. To find things that work and don't work. I'm starting this thread with the end goal being us sharing apks/themes that work and also helping those that learn or want to learn and try, make their own theme. Great thing about all of megas roms is they are stock  but tweaked to he'll and back without any crazy changes that would break a theme, so it's pretty easy to find something that works. If you have something, please post a screenshot  and a link if you want to share. Just remember to give credit where it's due. Everyone here knows how much work goes into anything with these devices, so no sense screwing someone out of the props for their hardworking.  Also, IF you ask permission from any dev to share it here and they deny, please respect their wishes. Most times they don't mind, especially what you tweak for you personally, but I have run across some that get rather upset and those requests are best left to pm.
Anyways, on to the pop rocks parts I KNOW work. Floating messages, a black themed messaging (including floating message), and a black/blue/transparent tapatalk apk I can't remember where I got it from.I'll add the links in a second post and if more are shared I'll add those too so they can be in one place.

Tapatalk screenshots:



Home screen showing messaging and tapatalk icon:

Messaging and floating message:



I honestly don't remember where I got the Tapatalk.  If I remember right I snagged it out of my HTC one max rom zip.
The floating messages is available stock and black. You have to flash the stock first anyway, then the black. Those are from bobcat rom.

I know the status bar isn't themed in this one but it is on the way lol

Mega, if you or any of the mods think this is inappropriate please let me know and I'll remove it asap.

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