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 FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK

September 30, 2015, 03:25:43 AM
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FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK
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FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK

Thanks "iunlock" for the incredibly badass FireKat banner and the other awesome banners ...Hella cool kit

FireKatN4V3 is a custom rom for the T Mobile Galaxy Note 4 N910T
Based on the latest stock Tmobile Base 4.4.4 build N910TUVU1ANJ7 and ANK4 MUST READ OP. ..

***If your familiar with my other FireNote/FireKat Roms for the att Note 3, att Note 2, Note 8.0, Note 12.2, Tab 8.4 Pro, and Galaxy Mega I9205 you can expect the same worry free stability for a replacement of your stock rom, but delivering the power, performance, and battery efficiency the Note 4 should've been producing out of the box. The entire focus of my roms is simply to make the fastest, smoothest, snappiest roms possible, bug free, with thoughtless battery performance. Typical gains are around 50% over stock.

FireKat builds after V6  are based on the newer ank4 base rom...YOU MUST ODIN FLASH ANK4 BEFORE FLASHING V6

FireKat V19XxX took V16X and added some 5.1.1 rendering and touch control mods as well as further refinements to the note 5 ram and Rendering controls...basically it's faster than ever...enjoy

FireKat V18XxXR: essentially refines everything to a razors edge...super fast and efficient...enjoy

Took the V16X build and integrated ram and memory management mods from Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus...the speed and fluidity should increase across the board, most beneficially impacted for recent apps, keyboard, app launching, animations and transitions...enjoy

**Native Ad Block Mod may block facebook. Just install adaway and itll overwrite the mod

FireKat V14X:

Added 50 native multi window apps that enable on installing the app
Adding native ad blocking and YouTube ad blocking
Enabled air messages
Enabled scheduled sms
Enabled sms receipt
Enabled mms receipts
Enabled call list call button
Enabled native backup sms message's to SD card
Mainly...overhauled and rebuilt the camera...taking the sharpest clearest most colorful shots with a near instant shutter speed

FireKat V13X:

Basically took new renewing and performance optimizations i learned from building poprocks lollipop rom and brought them over to FireKat...V13X should be as efficient as V11X as all other mods and functions...just added snappiness and fluidity....Enjoy

FireKat V11X:

The main focus of V11X was balancing and optimizing the build in every way possible...planning this to be the final update before lollipop I wanted it as perfectly balanced as possible...it's as fast, efficient, snappy, and stable as I can possibly make it.

Optimizations Focused On:

*Optimized Rebuilt Touch Controller: fastest and snappiest of all FireKat builds to date: the real world feel matches the super high 50k+ antutu benchmarks
*Optimized Power Management: we had a 10 hour screen on time posted on V10...with averages around 6.25 hours with 30 hours standby time which has improved on V11X...further averages and data will be posted as usual as we all use the build for a while
*Optimized App Launching Speed
* Further Refined Ram Management and App Management
*Touchwiz Launcher Speed
*3d Rendering and Animations
*Camera Further Optimized and Refined...people are taking truly stunning shots and V11X will be the sharpest more colorful firekat camera to date
*Keyboard Response and Rendering Speed Boosted as fast as possible
*Further Optimizations to speed up recent apps window animations and remove the delay inherent in the base...almost entirely gone...should be nearly instant

This build was focused on ensuring we had a stock replacement that would go the long haul for anyone wishing to stay on 4.4.4 as lollipop brings many changes not everyone will be fans of....im extremely happy with V11X and totally stoked how it turned out...i cant wait to let it settle in...it def set the standard for my FireKatN4 builds. ..hope everybody enjoys the update and if somehow I can come up with a V12 down the road even after lollipop, possibly from new mods from 5.0 I'll def keep pushing forward with FireKatN4


FireKat V10:

Takes everything you loved about V9 and makes it even better:

*Stability: a proper clean flash and you should have zero issues whatsoever...v10 carries on the firekat tradition of thoughtless stability and issue free experience
*Optimized Performance: tbh i dont have a frame of reference to compare it to because I've never used another device that's this fast...just to be completely honest
*Incredible Efficiency: takes things to a whole other level of efficiency. I flashed v10 at 31%, ran thru my setup and used the n4 for over 2 straight hours before I could knock it down enough to charge lol...will give exact increase as I collect the data
*Animation/Transition/2d/3d Rendering: all optimized to the absolute peak...from recent apps, the home button, launching apps, gaming or the ui v10 does everything near instantly without a hesitation or hiccup....it's truly a different experience altogether on v10
**The main feature/focus of v10: completely overhauled the touch response/interaction...no more of that weighted heavy sluggish feel to the n4 screen...especially apparent on my fk builds where the rendering was almost double the touch an while fast I never felt was efficiently matching the roms performance....that's gone now lol...this screen will dance and the easiest of graze smooth as silk...this combine with the known performance of fk has made for a hell of a fun build to set up lol. Enjoy everyone

Oh yea I forget there's a few other browser tweaks and some imagine stabilization mode cleaning ect

Features Of V9:

V9 is an evolution/refinement of V8
Focused mainly on:
Touchwiz launcher smoothness and speed
3d rendering and animation optimizations
Dalvik and cache tweaking: apps launch instantly
Browser Speed tweaks: pages load instantly
Basically a refined version on v8...what else uhh stock n4 boot sound enjoy lol

*Features of V8:

Rebuilt the rom from the base zip

Insanely fast touch response

Rebuilt the 2d/3d rendering

Rebuilt/reoptimized audio quality

Further enhancements to the camera for phenomenal shots and videos

Across the board v8 takes v7 to another level...

*Features of V7:

*Tethering Mod Built In

*Reoptimized Rendering and Animations from new ank4 base

*Rebuilt Tw Launcher: by far the fastest Tw experience I've ever had: completely removed all 4.4.4 animation annoyances..its 4x5 and flying lol

*Volume Modification at Stock Level Increased Gain and Enhanced Sound Quality

*Dalvik and Cache Optimized for ank4

*Slight Power Management Adjustment for ank4 variances to increase efficiency to the max

***To be completely honest V7 like v5 before has caught me off guard as the new mods or enhancements to v7 have taken it to a whole other level...perfect timing for the holidays...enjoy v7 it's already flying an it's only a few hours into my flash

*Features of V6:

For this first build of Ank4 based roms i tried to make v6 as close to identical as I could to give us a baseline over a few days to adjust from...so it should be the same awesome experience as v5 maybe slightly more refined given a slightly newer base and extremely clean build

*2d/3d Rendering Optimized
*Camera Optimized for incredible shots
*Sound quality enhanced and volume natively boosted
*M***ive Performance Optimizations
*Same Extreme Performance, Efficiency, and Stability as the FireKat builds you love

FireKat V5: same as v6 for those who would rather stay on anj7

This build has absolutely blown me away...far exceeding not only my expectations but tbh exceeding what I thought was even possible on this device....the speed of everything is instantaneous...

*Fully optimized touch response for the fastest response time I've ever encountered of any touch interface ime

*Rendering and Cache optimized to reinforce the immediacy of launching apps and animations...scrolling thru the ui is a dream

*Completely Rebuilt Tw Launcher: modified to 4x5 layout: all widgets look perfect just an added row vs wasted empty space: rebuilt and heavily optimized this tw launcher is so fast and smooth I can't seem to use anything else since flashing v5 tbh

*Audio Quality Enhancements: re encoded system stock volume as well as posted additional scripts on the op2 allowing you to tailor your audio setup without losing the brilliant sound

*Recent Apps Speed: I placed a heavy emphasis and focus on increasing the speed of the recent apps launcher: it was quick before but on v5 as with the lockscreen, the recent apps menu opens and launches apps at the speed you can physically interact with the screen

*Keyboard Tweaks: as a byproduct of the extreme rendering optimization and overhauling animation, cache, and ui speeds the stock Keyboard is stunningly fast

***V5 is by far the pinnacle of the 100s of roms I've done over the years...its so fast smooth efficient and stable that it even caught me completely by surprise I'm all honesty

FireKat V4:

*V4: takes firekat to a whole new level
*System Volume Modded for headphones, speakerphone, and earpiece: boosted about 10 decibels...sound quality is amazing
*Touch Response Boosted for Instant Feedback
*S Pen Rendering 1:1: Finally Feels Like Real Writing
*Rendering has been sped up across the board: everything is truly instant
*Blocked All Data Mining By System Apks/Apps: saves battery and data use
*Browser Speed and Loading Boosted Drastically Improves Stock Browser
*Hacked Knox Secure Storage and added my own mod in to remove any sd issues from 4.4.4
*Camera and Video Camera Quality Boosted
***V4 is the best build I've ever done or used...by far the fastest smoothest rom of the hundreds I've done before...enjoy

*V3 essentially refines v2, further optimizations to ui animations, tw launcher speed, app launching/switching times, lock screen on /off...everything should be instant on v3...in addition to the better ram management and battery efficiency v3 is def running phenomenal see below for details...

>>Features of V3: ( in addition to V2)

*Modded Secure Storage: should eliminate all sd issues with new 4.4.4: am posting a guide for full user permission to write data sd in op2
*Further Refinement to Dalvik and cache handling
Increase Touch Response
*Mainly was refining v2 which was already incredibly fast smooth and efficient, I made a few polishes here and there as well as focused on elminating any issues on flash
*Average battery loss during sleep on v3 is down to .3% +/- a point per hour...incredibly long standby
*Temperature is slightly cooler than v2 as well
**Basically v3 polished an already great build hope you guys enjoy it

>>Changes to V3:

***I Removed the included root apps that I like to include in this build: no apps will be flashed: they will be hosted in op2 instead/some are easily downloaded from play store

Xposed Module Installer
Wakelock Detector
Youtube Adaway

>>Features of V2 (in addition to V1):

*Optimized Tw Launcher: m***ive speed boost to the launcher and animations

*2d/3d Rendering: hit 69 fps in quadrant:

*Thermal Temperature on V2 is appx 15 degrees cooler than stock meaning no more annoying screen dimming

*Tethering Apn Premodded Into System

*Battery Efficiency: average .3% per hour during deep sleep

*Full Reinstated Autoreplacement for stock Keyboard

*Removed Patent Restrictions from Autocorrect (apple sue this...lol)

*Rebuilt LPA audio driver so you can still benefit from low battery drain even after installing Viper4Android codec/driver

*Increased call sound quality/speaker quality as a whole

*Modded the camera for even sharper puncher photos/videos...almost unbelievable the photos this thing takes now

*I forget some more crap just enjoy why are you still reading this part lol

>>Removed from V2:
All Knox Stuff obviously was gone in v1
Access Control Tmo
Amazon Shopping
Tmobile TV
Demo Stub Tmo
Elm Agent

***Was going to remove visual voicemail but left it for those who use it...

>>Added to v2:
Aurora Live Wallpaper: ripped from my old Note 1: prolly greatest Lwp ever lol
Nova Launcher
Nova Notifications
Wake Lock Detector
Youtube Adaway
Xposed Mod Installer
Quick Boot

**Instructions For Wanam/Xposed in op2

>>Features of V1:
*Rooted (thanks as always Chainfire)
*Extremely optimized build
*Optimized dalvik and cache controllers for instant app launching
*Removed all lock screen delay: screen goes on and off instantly
*Optimized 2d and 3d Rendering: Framelocked at 60 fps even through most benchmarks
*Removed the annoying exaggerated animations of *TouchWiz on Kit Kat: while I've probably increased the animation speed of stock tw launcher appx double that of stock I'll continue to increase the snappiness with each update
***Heavily Refined Battery Efficacy: 4.5 to 5.5 hours of screen on time at full brightness or about 40 hours total with 2 hours screen on: ( preliminary tests obviously: will update the stats as I gather more data: the battery is a main benefit of FireKat and i am constantly trying to perfect the balance of performance and battery

FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK

FireKat V19: ank4 base instructions

1. Odin Flash Stock ANK4 (thanks ar2o for uploading ank4 base for us
Here is the ANK4 zip file

Here is the ANK4 .Tar file (unzipped)

ANK4 Mirror 1: (Thanks MC FLMJ1G)


ANK4 Mirror 2: (Direct from AU Server)

T-Mobile SM-N910T (ANK4)

2. Odin Flash Chainfire Auto Root
3. Odin Flash Twrp
4. Boot Into Twrp
5. Advanced Wipe In Twrp: check only
***DO NOT Wipe Internal storage
6. Swipe to complete Advanced Wipe
7. Flash FireKatN4ANK4V19XxXR.zip
8. Reboot
9. Let the rom rest 15 mins or so
10. Setup and enjoy the new fk goodness

***Known Issues: so far the only issues have stemmed from either leaving stored fingerprints in the stock rom before flashing. ..this seems to point to the fact that the scans are stored in a cache behind the bootloader to prevent security breaches...but causes scanner issues when flashed. ..clear all stored fingerprints from stock rom before flashing firekat..some have issues wiping internal storage but fixing permissions should fix that
***The other issue is flashing my rom on the wrong base rom/bootloader...if you flash this rom and do not properly flash the correct base you will have problems there is no way around it. Period.

Instructions for Canadian N4 V19:

Since this is based on your guys A0A1 Canadian stock base no kernel or any other workarounds just firekat goodness...enjoy

1. Odin Flash A0A1 Base
2. Odin Flash Root
3. Odin Flash Twrp
4. Advanced Wipe
5. Wipe
6. Flash FireKatN4CANV19.zip
7. Reboot and Let Rom boot up
8. Let Rom sit for 10 to 15 mins
9. Enjoy

FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK



FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK

Thanks PapaMag for the sick FKV11X Banner

FireKat N4 Deodex ANK4 V20XxXR: https://tinyurl.com/FireKatN4V20XxXR

FireKat N4 Deodex Ank4 V19XxXR:


FireKat N4 Deodex ANK4 V19XxXR: (MIRROR)



FireKat N4 Deodex Ank4 V18XxXR:


FirekatN4 V18XxXR Mirror 1: thanks mcflmgj1


FireKat N4 Deodex Ank4 V17XxX:


FireKat N4 Deodex Ank4 V17XxX Mirror 1: thanks dynospectrum


FireKatN4 Deodex Ank4 V16XxX:


FireKat N4 Deodex Ank4 V15X:


***Download CANADIAN Based Builds:

Canadian A0A1 Base Builds: you must odin flash the new A0A1 base prior to flashing firekat V9 thru V15X...

FireKat N4 Canadian A0A1 V19XxXR:


FireKat N4 Canadian A0A1 V18XxXR:


FireKat N4 Canadian A0A1 V17XxX:


FireKat N4 Canadian A0A1 V16XxX:


FireKat N4  Canadian A0A1 V15X:


FireKat N4 Canadian A0A1 V14X:


FireKatN4 Canadian A0A1 V13X:

***DO NOT copy my work, mirror my roms in other threads, or host them on other sites without my prior approval...i took the time and energy to build the rom and shared it with you so don't do me dirty by stealing my work

***You and You alone are responsible for what you choose to do with your Note 4...i am not responsible should you attempt to flash my rom and your Note explodes in your kitchen...you are solely responsible for the choices you make in flashing rooting or even venturing into this lions den


***>>>***V2 Antutu thanks iunlock

FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK
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Re: FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK
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Thanks Ickna11 for the awesome banner

In my op2 I like to share apks, apps, mods, tweaks, ringtones, and hd backgrounds...if you post to the thread I'll add it here to the op2 just below my optimization tips...im always adding kit to this op typically every few days I'll add a new zooper widget, background or apk...enjoy

My personal setup step by step...

For the absolute most optimal setup follow these few simple steps to take FireKat to a whole new level and make your Note 4 run unlike any other...enjoy

I've had so many requests for this here ya go...here's how I do my exact setup...absolutely most optimized possible


1. Uncheck Force Gpu Rendering in developer options...about phone, click FireKat VXxX(whatever build your on) 10 times to unlock dev options

2. Use Wanam and Xposed to deactivate Dvsf under Advanced in Wanam...dramatic boost in responsiveness, lower running temp, no screen dimming or cpu throttling

3. Change Animation and Transition settings in developer options...set all 3 from 1.0x to 0.5x. ..another huge boost to responsiveness and speed of any launcher

4. Greenify all downloaded user apps...Dont touch system app/don't activate greenify xposed mod

5. Disable the follow apps

Samsung Push Service
Google Chrome
Google Books
Google Magazines
Google Music
Google Hangouts
Google Plus
*obviously unless you use any of the above

6. Disable google location history and location reporting...doesn't affect maps or g now at all only stops a ton of data mining and wake locks... doesn't negatively impact google maps or now, all functions and cards work. ..just no excess data or location pings

**7. Never use power saving mode...it defeats the optimizations and tweaks I've done to make the battery life so awesome

As for the rest of my setup. ..op2 is a standard...ive done that forever every single flash exactly the same...

Honestly I don't do much else I let the rom do all the work...

For battery life: greenify is all i use...

I greenify everything except widgets like zooper pro, live wallpapers like aurora or ocean weather, root apps like setcpu root explorer ect, ...which is mainly widgets, wallpapers, and root apps...no system apps

*NO TUNERS,CLEANERS, RAM CLEARERS ECT...these are all counterproductive and usually cause more drain than good..

**Also do not freeze or uninstall a bunch of apps from the system. ..it's largely counterproductive and typically causes issues and Jacks with features

***Never use power saving mode on my roms lol...

Optional For Extreme Performance Only at the loss of battery efficiency...

>>>For performance

I use SetCpu App:

interactive governor
2.6 ghz max
1.4 ghz min
Row Io scheduler: by far the fastest

I always change my animations to .5 in dev options

My Themes

I used to theme tw by coding and hated it tbh...because I love changing themes...wanam is by far my favorite mod over greenify setcpu ect...i could so without cpu controller as the roms already so quick...but wanam gives you an insane freedom to theme as you see fit on the fly

Zooper widget pro is def my favorite app becuase of the same reason with wanam. ..the freedom to have the s5 widget on nova or g3/g flex widgets on N4 ect...or the freedom to go off an get creative makes for a one of a kind device....

That's truly the key...i give my setup as a guide for how to lean it out, speed it up ect...but love watching what everyone does with the same blank canvas...

My favorite background ever is none 1 Aurora Live Wallpaper ripped and posted in op2 for everyone...my favorite theme lately has been the beach theme on my n4

S5/n4 AccuWeather are my favorite widgets ever...up with note 1 5 day layout one...but im not a big fan of the centered transparent n4 one tbh


**FireKat Recommended Apps: all latest updates for 4.4.4

Themed Tapatalk Apks: thanks jayster for sharing these apks from unknown dev


Tapatalk 4.9.5: last version before all the annoying changes to Layout and font


Thanks PlatinumNick for the reco: slide locker lock screen replacement


Finerprint App Locker: use fingerprint scanner to lock apps...great security feature...thanks rscottjr for the link and heads up


Thanks Champoi for Widget Locker Reco another awesome lock screen replacement


Lollipop Lock Screen: gives you stock aosp lollipop lock screen...really well done lock screen replacement


Lollipop icon set: amazing kit


S Note Update: 12/25/14: install as usual


Carousel Gallery: amazing animation Panoramic style gallery landscape


SnapLock: dashclock style lock screen replacement...thanks phoney


CM Browser: thanks for the reco jkeith


*Final Gmail Apk Before Material 5.0 Theme


*Aurora Live Wallpaper ripped from my Note 1 i717






*Mega Downloads: makes life easy if you don't have Mega I use it alot


*Wanam: amazing I love this kit


*Xposed 2.6.1


*CrapaLinks Xposed Mod: fixes Tapatalk/Xda link issues...thanks MartinoMac


*Youtube Adaway


*Galaxy S5 Activity Zone Apk


S Translator Jan 2015 Update:


Montblanc Advanced S Pen Apk: install as usual thanks mcdavid


Sketchbook Update Jan 2015


*Lenovo Super Shot Apk: amazing Camera and Gallery App: install as usual


*Google Now Latest Update With Android L Material Design Ui


*Google Now Launcher Ripped From Nexus 5


Asus Stock Weather Widget: install as usual


Black Hold Galaxy Live Wallpaper


Spiral Galaxy Live Wallpaper


*Photo Wall Live Wallpaper: ripped from my Note 2 (signed just install like normal)


*Luminous Dots Live Wallpaper: ripped from my note 2


*Deep Sea Live Wallpaper: ripped from my Note 2


*Ocean Weather Live Wallpaper: ripped from my Note (one of my favorites ever)


*Sunbeam Live Wallpaper Apk : ripped from Htc One...looks amazing on n3


Huawei Live Weather Wallpaper Apk:

Just install as usual


Huawei Weather Clock Enables Changing Weather Live:


*Google Goggles Apk: final working apk


*ANote HD: ripped from my Note 8 (amazing planner app)


4 Similar Snow/Winter Live Weather Wallpaper Apps: the names are arbitrary as they're all similar with different backgrounds check em out





*Watch Styler 1.2.0 (Galaxy Gear Clock Apk)


*Zedge Apk 3.5: final build of Zedge before commercials were added


*Google Kit Kat Camera Apk


*Activity Zone Apk: ripped from s5


FireKat Mods

I modded the 4x4 stock tw launcher as I'm not a fan of 4x4 esp on n4...too much wasted space it looks stupid...imo 4x5 is awesome...i love 5x5 as well but that can make some widgets act screwy...so v5 is 4x5 layout heavily tweaked and fast...here's a modded tweaked original 4x4 layout if you're a fan of it...

To install simply use root browser or root explorer pro

System/priv apps/  simply paste and overwrite the TouchWizlauncher.Apk...set permission of pasted 4x4 launcher and reboot
...will prolly add modded 5x5 as well


Full Screen Dialer/Call Mod: thanks Misterjunky for sharing Dr Ketans mod

Full Screen Dialer Mod Link Removed Re SinJin reports issues with contacts and dialer after flashing this mod? Will repost link with updated info or when mods sorted. Mega

Floating Messages: enable floating messages...thanks Nhan


Android 5.0 Lollipop Bootanimation: thanks crackpot


*Att Note 4 Bootanimation for Tmo N4:


*Add Data Quick Toggle: thanks Face_Plant for sharing, and to the mods creator Blaz1er for the mod zip


3Minit Battery Mod

Updated: 3minit Batter Mod: updated for FireKat V10 and V11X...thanks Jayster for hooking up the new mod


3minit Batter Mod for V11X Mirror 1:


3minit: Battery mod kit: thanks jayster for sharing the link for this great battery mod...head over to Gharrington's thread and get the files and info needed to hook up your battery with a cool theme...tons to choose from...make sure to thank gharrington for the cool kit


Systemui.apk mod for 3minit battery mod with fk: thanks to scallygwags

Use root explorer:
Copy systemui.apk from system/priv apps to sd
Paste new downloaded modded Systemui.apk in system/priv apps, yes overwrite the overwrite the original,set permission and reboot


Font Zip: flashable font zip Thanks KRhairston


FireKat Google Services Mod: decrease Wakelock triggers caused by services abtlitrairly draining  power

Play Services Decrease Wakelock Mod: for V8x builds only...

Mod via root explorer...


Paste files over original and set permissions...you can do one for a little gain or all 7 for max efficiency...



Mixer Path Mods
stock system volume controller scripts that are setup so that all you have to do is simply use root explorer pro or root browser to paste them into system etc folder but doesn't lose the audio quality enhancements...they'll merely lower stock system volume

System/ect/   simply click paste into /etc/ folder...overwrite mixer_path...yes...set permissions for new pasted Mixer path and reboot...

**you can copy/backup your Mixer path if you want before posting the new one in

Stock volume with sound quality enhancements in tact:


Medium System Volume Script with sound quality enhancements in tact


>>>Viper4Android Mods

To enable viper make sure the build.prop is modified properly


Save...make sure any build.prop.bak file is deleted... reboot 


**Instructions and Methods:

***To Use Xposed*
1. Open Xposed App
2. Open Modules Menu
3. Click To Activate Whatever Mods You Want
4. Go To Installer (1st menu of Xposed)
5. Click Install and Reboot

***To Use Wanam
1. For Any Mod Added Thru Wanam You Must Reboot
2. Themeing:
3. System Holo Dark: adds new background to settings page
4. Panel Background: adds background to notifications panel*
5. Title Bar Background: changes notification title background color
6. Bar Color: changes color of slider bar at bottom of notifications panel*
7. Tile Background Color: changes notification quick toggles color
***For each of these theme mods you must
1. Toggle on the mod at the top right of the individual theme page*
2. Click apply at bottom of individual page after choosing color*
3. Reboot*

*S5 Quick Toggles Full Stock Theme Mod (outdated for n4 obviosuly lol)

To mod your quick toggles like the galaxy s5 follow this simple method

Using root browser or root explorer
Open Build.prop as editable text
Scroll down to the lines


change to:


Click save to save the mods in the build prop
***if using root explore you must delete or remove the build.prop.bak that's generated before rebooting
Enjoy...you can also mod this new theme with Wanam just like usual but enjoy the new circle toggles style/theme

***Unlock Hidden Quick Toggles

*Add Hidden Quick Toggles to Notification Bar: use Sq lite editor
1. Open and Grant Root
2. Scroll down the list to Settings Storage
3. Tap Systems.db
4. Tap System
5. Scroll down the system list until you find "notifications_panel_active_list" (see photo)
6. With notification panel active list highlighted hit the MENU BUTTON on your note
7. Tap Edit record
8. Scroll to bottom of quick toggles list
9. Add quick toggle codes for whatever toggles you want to activate with apostrophe in between each toggle ...ie ;mobiledata;hotspot; ect (full list below)
10. Once you've added the codes for the toggles you want...double check everything then click SAVE
11. Reboot
12. Enjoy the new toggles 

*List of Hidden Toggles: type exactly like this...make sure what you add looks identical to structure already in sys.db

1. Mobile Data:  ; MobileData;
2. Location:   ;Location;
3. Silent Mode:  ;SilentMode;   ***again already in our note but att use   ;Sound; 
4. WiFi Hotspot:  ;WiFiHotspot; 
5. Toddler Mode:  ;ToddlerMode;
6. Car Mode:  ;CarMode;   ***May not work; I think samsung use  ;DrivingMode;
7. Brightness:  ;Brightness;    ***you already have the slide bar on notification page so useless imo
8. Do Not Disturb:  ;DoNotDisturb;    ***Called Blocking Mode on samsung devices...blocking mode is a more advanced tweaked version of do not disturb by on samsung higher end phones/tabs

***Some of these may or may not be supported on tmo base builds...i know several were not supported or have no function, some are also simply renamed/different toggle code but does the same thing...ie driving/car mode, blocking/do not disturb ect... so if you try one that doesn't work let me know and I'll note it and remove from the list...likewise I'm sure with the s5 and a few other new devices there may be more toggles hidden in kk if you find any that work let me know and I'll add them...enjoy

***To activate S5 toggle style in the settings menu natively ...this is not a mod as much as enabling a stock layout

Use root explorer pro and Sq lite editor

Data/data/....scroll down to
Open settings.db
Scroll down to number 1128...
Highlight line 1128...
Settings_gridui    2
Hit the pen at the top of the page...
On the edit screen simply change 2 to a 1...click save and your set...enjoy

**Enable light effect on lock screen...my favorite effect

Use root explorer and Sq lite editor

Data/data scroll down to

Open settings.db
Scroll down to line 293
lockscreen_ripple_effect   3
Hit the pen at top of the screen
Change 3 to a 2...save and your done...you can actually change these and test them on the fly but only between values 1 2 and 3


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Re: FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK
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FireKat Themes and Backgrounds

>>>My Personal Collection of HD Backgrounds...about 1250 including all samsung, lg, Htc, and pretty much every other stock wallpaper off any device in the past 5 years...plus 1000 random others including weather widget scenes pulled from the apks, their stock wallpapers, other flagship stock wallpapers and assorted hd backgrounds I use for wanam themes

HD Backgrounds/Stock Wallpapers

*HD Backgrounds Drive Box Main:


*HD Backgrounds Drive Box 1:


*HD Backgrounds Drive Box 2:


**HD Backgrounds Drive Box 3:


2880x2550 Insanely High Res Backgrounds Drive Box:


>>>Modified/Precut HD Backgrounds:


Windows 8.1 Pc Stock Wallpapers


MacBook Pro Stock Wallpapers


>>Firekat Themes By Mega:

Contains: about 20 full themes with hd backgrounds, zooper widgets, and wanam code kits for a compeltely custom theme tailored for your tastes...various stock replica themes from Htc Sense to lg aosp Moto ext enjoy


FireKat Asus Transformer Theme Pack
FireKat Aurora Theme Pack
FireKat Aurora 2 Theme Pack
FireKat Beaches Theme Pack
FireKat Caribbean Ocean Theme Pack
FireKat City Night Theme Pack
FireKat Custom Widgets By Mega
FireKat Dawns And Dusk Theme Pack
FireKat Droid Theme Pack
FireKat FireSkies On The Ocean
FireKat Note 1, 2, 3, 4 Theme Packs
FireKat Galaxy S3 Theme Pack
FireKat Galaxy S6 Theme Pack
FireKat HTC Sense Theme Pack
FireKat LakeSide Theme Pack
FireKat LG G2 Theme Pack
FireKat LG G3 Theme Pack
FireKat Lg G Flex Theme Pack
FireKat LG G Flex 2 Theme Pack
FireKat Material Lollipop Theme Pack
FireKat Moto X Theme Pack
FireKat Sunny Beaches Theme Pack
FireKat Samsung Tizen Theme Pack
FireKat Xioami Redmi Note Theme Pack

FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK

Thanks AngryDinosaur for the sick gif

**Customize Your Kit for FireKat:**

***Just as in my other threads we will share mods, apks, and apps here...

*Zooper Kit: fonts, icons, ect

***Zooper Templates: about 50 or 60 weather widgets I've made...replicas of pretty much every popular flagship included...n1 n2 n3 s5 g2 g3 g flex etc..download and place in templates folder of zooper folder


AccuWeather Bitmap iconset:


*G3 Weather Widget Fonts: copy into fonts folder of zooper folder in internal sd...then use in zooper when making widget under fonts


*Bitmap Icons From note 1, 2, 3 and s5...put on ext sd and use add bitmap option in zooper...then add bitmap from gallery and choose icon


*Stock Sounds Ripped From My Other Device's
Instructions for Install

The files contain the .ogg sound files which they are to be placed in using root explorer or root browser

1. System
2. Media*
3. Audio
4.***Go to appropriate folder ie alarms, notifications, ringtones
5. Copy the sound.ogg files into the appropriate folder
6. Set permissions all 3 read checked and owner write checked
7. Done...i suggest a reboot to be safe*
8. Enjoy

*Note 1 Sounds Notifications and Ringtones 


*Note 2 Sounds Notifications and Ringtones


*Galaxy Mega/S4 Sounds Notifications and Ringtones


Stock Sounds:

Galaxy Note 1
Galaxy Note 2
Galaxy Note 3
Galaxy S2
Galaxy S3
Galaxy S4
Galaxy S5
Galaxy Mega 6.3
Galaxy Mega 2
LG G Flex
Lollipop Stock Android 5.0
Moto X
Oppo Find 7
Xperia Z3


*Light Saber S Pen Sounds

Install with root explorer or root browser
Copy and replace these over the previous .ogg files


Zooper Widget Pro Guide:

So I think all of you know I'm obsessed with Zooper...it's the business lol...so after fielding a bazillion questions about it I figured I'd put this newb kit together then add it to op2...

To Replicate A N4/S5 (Any) Widget: static...these will.not change wallpapers with weather...you can I just typically like 1 at a time...preference

1. Get the background you want: either extract it from the apk of said widget or my drive box has about every flagship every made weather widget decomp backgrounds in there lol

2. Add 4x2 or 5x2 widget to home page

3. Layout

4. Add+

5. Choose last option: Bitmap

6. Choose gallery

7. Choose background: example sunny s5 (below)

8. Resize to fit widget box

9. Back to Layout Menu

10. Add Text: option 1: choose text content

11. Choose Time

12. Choose 3rd option (my preference pick whatever)

13. Resize clock and place using x and y adjustment

14. Back to Layout Menu

15. Add Text: Text Select: Date

16. Resize Date and Set in Position

17. *** Follow this same method for
Location ect

18. For Weather Icons: Choose add bitmap icon

19. Choose bitmap

20. Resize and place in location

21. For "Last Update" like Samsung widgets check choose Edit Text and copy paste this into bar

Last Updated: #WLRM/d h:mm#

22. Resize and Place on bottom right corner

Zooper Stock AccuWeather Extracted Backgrounds

G3 Zooper Widget: place file I'm zooper template folder


Galaxy s5/n4 stock AccuWeather backgrounds extracted from weather apk


N2/N3 AccuWeather Backgrounds extracted from apk


N1 extracted AccuWeather backgrounds


Asus and Lg Extracted Backgrounds:


Basically let's you do stuff like this...enjoy

To add a custom background to system settings, clock, and other stock backgrounds:

System Holo Light Background
Choose picture from gallery

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Re: FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK
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This is incredibly the most awesome ROM for KitKit EVER!
-T---Mobile- USA | (((Fastest LTE+))) DOWN @ 128.99 Mb/s / UP @ 26.93 Mb/s
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Re: FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK
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Make sure to visit the Q&A section!
-T---Mobile- USA | (((Fastest LTE+))) DOWN @ 128.99 Mb/s / UP @ 26.93 Mb/s
Note 4 [Powered by: FireKatN4 Deodex V21x w/ Stock Kernel + TouchWiz!] = 51,322 AnTuTu! | 27,583 Quad (100% Stock!) | 9.5+ Hours On Screen Time |

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Re: FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK
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This is incredibly the most awesome ROM for KitKit EVER!

Thanks bro...in totally digging the forum man...kicking things off with the new forum and new builds...it's a beautiful thing lol...

PopRocks v14x and can v14x
Ans fk v19x and can v19x are all live and in their respective op

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Re: FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK
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This is so awesome! Whoa V19 already?!  ;D ;D
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Re: FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK
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This is so awesome! Whoa V19 already?!  ;D ;D
Hahah yea bro enjoy


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Re: FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK
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V19X is running so smooth! I haven't even set it up 100% yet....curious to see some screen times...

How are things running for y'all?
-T---Mobile- USA | (((Fastest LTE+))) DOWN @ 128.99 Mb/s / UP @ 26.93 Mb/s
Note 4 [Powered by: FireKatN4 Deodex V21x w/ Stock Kernel + TouchWiz!] = 51,322 AnTuTu! | 27,583 Quad (100% Stock!) | 9.5+ Hours On Screen Time |

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Re: FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK
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Some data after a clean flash (beginning with Odin..) after 1st charge/discharge cycle, no greenify, brightness at 50% on average +/- 25% depending on environment, locations toggle off. Please note that the screen shot shows (charging) because at the time of taking the shots I was at 7-8% battery, ran my first quadrant and antutu benchmarks and the battery just died after the test finished ... hence the battery is really used up yet I still achieved these:



October 05, 2015, 05:36:29 PM
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Re: FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK
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Two question:
-when you receive a text message(s), so you see the person's name or just "message(s)" like in my screenshot? I only see "message(s)" regardless if I have one text of multiple texts ...

-any idea how to limit/eliminate the "audiomix" wakelock, seems to have a lot of triggers in my set up.

Thanks guys



October 05, 2015, 05:41:30 PM
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Re: FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK
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Some data after a clean flash (beginning with Odin..) after 1st charge/discharge cycle, no greenify, brightness at 50% on average +/- 25% depending on environment, locations toggle off. Please note that the screen shot shows (charging) because at the time of taking the shots I was at 7-8% battery, ran my first quadrant and antutu benchmarks and the battery just died after the test finished ... hence the battery is really used up yet I still achieved these:

Dude those are ridiculous stats lol...2+ days and 5 hours lol yea def not getting that on lp haha


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October 05, 2015, 05:48:18 PM
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Re: FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK
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Haha thanks man! Honestly it was moderate weekend use:
-1hr of phone calls
-tons and tons of texting
-tons of XDA/AndroidUncensored
-pdf reading
-configuring my setup (configuring apps, xposed mods, wall papers, individual settings, etc)
-tons and tons of internet browsing
-a big of Google maps

Basic tasks but consistently doing on them. This charge/discharge cycle I greenfied my worst apps that cause drain and we'll see how that changes perspective. I'm just bummed about how the damn battery died ... luckily I plugged it into the charger the deconstruction it died



October 05, 2015, 07:16:55 PM
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Re: FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK
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Haha thanks man! Honestly it was moderate weekend use:
-1hr of phone calls
-tons and tons of texting
-tons of XDA/AndroidUncensored
-pdf reading
-configuring my setup (configuring apps, xposed mods, wall papers, individual settings, etc)
-tons and tons of internet browsing
-a big of Google maps

Basic tasks but consistently doing on them. This charge/discharge cycle I greenfied my worst apps that cause drain and we'll see how that changes perspective. I'm just bummed about how the damn battery died ... luckily I plugged it into the charger the deconstruction it died

Man I just ran a test on my pr setup that was actually shocking...I'm gonna post the info in the general thread but...leaving a new Google account with everything checked...just 1 new acct ...drained over an hour of sot from my setup...just dumbfounded

Great post and setup man


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Re: FireKat N4 Tmobile 4.4.4 KK
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That's ridiculous bro .. Google should just quit ... period. Thanks man! Honestly I just followed op1+op2+iunlocks write up on his setup. I did however freeze/Uninstall a few other apks. I'm using Xprivacy as per iunlocks recommendations (credit to you iunlock! OCD Bros foe life ;p) which I believe helps with the battery as you restricts permissions from pinging servers and running in the background all automated once you configure it accordingly. This next cycle I'm just adding greenify to my top draining apps, probably on the 3rd cycle I'll greenify whatever user app I can and see if it makes a difference.