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 FireKat Note 3 4.4.2 Att

September 30, 2015, 02:55:14 AM
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FireKat Note 3 4.4.2 Att
« on: September 30, 2015, 02:55:14 AM »
FireKat Note 3 4.4.2 Att
Thanks alot Face_Plant for the badass sign


FireKat V24X and V24XN4 are identical but for the N4 and s5 system apks, launcher, ect in n4 build...

FireKat V24XxXR:

Added Note 4 5.1.1 new touchscreen controller
Refined Note 5 Ram Management mods
Refined auido mods and removed clipping from max volume

FireKat V21X brings optimizations from Galaxy Note 5 Ram management and memory optimizations as well as mods and tweaks from PopRocks V7X n4 lollipop rom...speed and fluidity enhancements meant to take firekat to the next level up around stock Note 4/note 5 real world speed ...enjoy

FireKat V21N4 Features:

Rebuilt Camera to take the best shots possible...
Added 45 Apps that enable on install for multiwindow
Enabled sms read receipts
Enabled sms backup to sd
Enable exit browser option
Added Call Button in Call Logs
Added Native Call Recording
Rebuilt Touch Controller from Note 4
Faster Rendering for 2d and 3d animas
Completely optimized apps launching and caching...app control and ram management tweaks
Camera and Screen Quality Tweaks

Basically it's the best FireKatN3 build to day and is running unbelievably well...

FireKatN4V20/N4 Include:

The ultimate FireKat build ever...including bits of kit from pretty much every great flagship galaxy device over the past 15 or 20 months lol...there's a mind bending amount of new kit added to V18N4...enjoy

List of kit used from Galaxy Devices:

Galaxy Note 4
Galaxy Note 3
Galaxy Note 2
Galaxy Note 1
Galaxy Mega 6.3
Galaxy Mega 2 G750
Galaxy S5

Galaxy Note 4 AccuWeather Widget: swapped out the S5 for the N4

Galaxy Note 1 AccuWeather Widget: baked in both the N4 stock 4x2 and N1 stock 5x2 weather widgets

Galaxy Note 3 Modded Gallery With Spiral Layout for the first time ever on note 3...Gallery sped up dramatically

Galaxy Note 4 BootAni and Boot Sound

***Also Added a ton of stock sounds: notifications, alarms, ringtones ect ripped from: something like 20 or so maybe more

Galaxy Mega 2 G750
Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9205
Galaxy Note 4 N910T

Galaxy Note 3: White Jelly Bean Keyboard Mod...baked in my white firenote/stock n4 keyboard (ss below)

Carried Over From V15N4:

Galaxy Note 4 Browser

Galaxy S5 TouchWizHome Launcher

Galaxy S5 My Files

Galaxy S5 Messaging

Galaxy Note 4 Optical Reader

Galaxy Note 1 Gingerbread/Ics Aurora Live Wallpaper

Plus the same amazing firekat specific optimizations tweaks and mods for battery speed ect ect...

So on flash the build is essentially and in many ways, literally, the best bits from almost every flash ship galaxy device over the past 2 years...testing now just booting up...now I truly don't know which is which lol...enjoy fellas

FireKat V19:

V19 continues the refining process...trying to improve and enhance the rom as optimally as possible...

N4 touch controller rebuilt
Sound quality and volume adjusted
2d and 3d Rendering enhancements
Camera enhancements and sharpening
Incredible responsive feel and real world speed to v15

V14 N4 Basically Improves On V13X
Note 4 Touchscreen Controller Further Tweaked
Faster S5 Tw Launcher
Enhanced Sound Quality
Basically it's just trying to make firekat nc2 as perfect as possible...imo this is the pinnacle of battery efficiency and performance for out note 3...

V13X introduces a custom script I came up with derived from my note 4...completely rebuilding the touch interface controller and module took the speed if v11 to another level beyond anything I thought n3 was capable of. ..while also increasing battery performance slightly...mean a faster more efficient refined build of v11 an already rock solid super fast build...enjoy

V13X Also enhanced the sound quality and increased the volume across the board at the system level. ..this is not a mod but a rebuilding of the audio codecs and scripts

V11: Rebuilt from the base Deodex to try an get any possible improvement out of a fresh cleaned Optimized build

Features of V11:

Browser and New Speed Tweaks
Dalvik Cache refined and increased
Further Refined Camera and Audio
Removed Any and All Data Logging
Battery Should Be Slightly Improved
This should truly be the ultimate FK...

V10: truly the pinnacle of my Firekat builds... one of the cleanest/fastest roms I've ever done...everything has been refined and optimized to the perfect a balance that i believe is possible...imo were finally getting all the note 3 can give from the hardware and ui.... the battery life and performance you all know and love remain slightly improved...but the immediacy of everything is heightened to a level of instant for everything ... instant on off lock screen...instant s pen writing... instant camera focus and shutter...just took snappiness to 11 across the entire Note... you guys will love V9 enjoy

FireKat V10 Deodex: I went thru and tweaked everything I could...camera, call quality, dalvik and cache...everything optimized to peak...

Added to V10:

S5 Xposed Mod For Note 3: S5 Toggles/Settings Theme, circle toggles, download boost the works

S5 Optical Reader: amazing accuracy with modded camera...works great

TubeMate YouTube Ripper: amazing app strait up lol

***In included 2 icon packs but idk wtf is up they're in data apps folder but not showing up...who knows lol??

Serious performance boost, rendering and animation optimization, and battery life  improved greatly
Huge performance boosts: mid to high 25/26,000 quadrant range extremely fast antutu up in the 42/43,000 average
Improved 3d rendering
Massive overhaul to dalvik and cache trying to maximize app launching and other memory read/writes
Decreased run time temperature at max clock
Even faster tw launcher, super faster animation/transitions
Huge boost to battery performance in run time
Extremely low battery drain while sleeping
Misc other optimizations across the board

Added to V9: all latest updated apks for kk specific

Touchwiz Launcher with My Magazine Removed thanks Carl for tw launcher
Xposed installer
Youtube Adaway
Wake Lock Detector
Multiwindow plus 4 way Multiwindow mod
Google Camera
Google Now Launcher
Aurora Live Wallpaper modded by me to give light effect on lock screen
Ocean Weather Live Wallpaper

Additional Apps Removed from V10
Yahoo stock widgets

V10 Features:
Further optimizations throughout the build
Launcher animation overhauled for much faster smoother transitions and app launching
Absolutely instant lock screen wake even from deep sleep
Improved dalvik and cache optimizations
Massive Improvement in battery life over v8 and some 40% increase over stock
***Wifi password bug fixed

Removed from V10
Mobile tv apk
Device Help Apk

Deodex and Odex options (odex on request only)
Extremely fast: user quadrant scores in the 24,000 range peaking at 24,770
Removed Att Browser Bar
Removed Patent restricted auto correct block in kb
Reinstated Normal Autocorrect into stock kb which had been removed by samsung
Several build prop tweaks for speed, smoothness, battery efficiency, and animation fluidity
Zero Wake Lock Delay: screen turns on and off instantly absolutely no delay from a dead sleep
Xml, so, and several other tweaks or modifications to optimize the experience
Highly tweaked for increased speed and fluidity across the ui and launcher
Ui Framelocked at 60fps
Massive Increase In Battery Life Over Stock: standby drains appx .035% per hour
Cpu and battery temperature on average 14 points lower at max clock speed
All tweaks from FireKat Note 12.2 and FireNote V13 Included...enjoy

Also included Ocean Weather Live Wallpaper by AccuWeather for Samsung Note 1
Aurora Live Wallpaper from Gingerbread days...modded to give light effect on lock screen

If you're familiar with my FireNote roms then you'll be right at home with FireKat...v1 essentially picks up from v13 and includes all the same tweaks and improvements you guys know from Firenote ....you also know this is a stock note 3 touchwiz rom, and not a themed rom...there's some great theme rom devs like bri rerick and tropazr I would suggest you check out for a themed build if that's what your looking for....my builds are stock touchwiz that i tweak for Perforamnce and battery life

Removed from Rom
All Knox Apks
Elm Agent
Container Agents
All Att Apks and Apps (except isis and beats music)

With the issues I've run into with certain standard apps I typically include like xposed, wanam, s pen board switch, ect I left them out...and will include more in the next update...as the apps themselves get updated and I update the roms well figure it out 

Remember only flash if you are on stock offical kit kat...DO NOT FLASH IF YOU USED THE KK LEAK FROM 4.3 AS THIS WILL NOT WORK ON THAT BOOTLOADER


1. Boot into Safestrap
2. Pick a slot...I've seen reports that some have issues if not done to stock slot but if you try a rom slot you run much less risk and can always simply delete it so I'd try a slot first to test...then flash to stock...only necessary if your worried about flashing with ss
3. Wipe the slot factory reset
4. Flash FireKat V10
5. Reboot and Let Rom Flash and Boot
6. Let sit for 10 Minutes or so then proceed with setup
7. Enjoy

Tips to optimize your experience
1. Activate developer options, uncheck/turn off force gpu rendering (a must to take aadvantage of rendering tweaks)
2. Greenify all user apps
4. Disable any unused apps in the app manager
***with the mods and tweaks I've done to the rom you shouldn't use standby power saving or airplane modes, as these modes will negate the benefits of the tweaks and your battery will drain at stock levels due to the different battery controller system being used

FireKat V15 known issues: none...enjoy the chocolaty goodness...lol ok that sounds fkn terrible lmao enjoy

Odin Nc2 Files: thanks scraps


Mirror Nc2 Files:


Drive Links:

FireKat N3 V27XN4:


FireKat N3 V27X:


FireKat N3 V25XxXR N4:


FireKat N3 V25XxXR:


FireKat N3 V24XxXRN4:


FireKat N3V24XxXR:


FireKat V23XN4 :


FireKat V23X:


FireKat V22XN4X:


FireKat V22X:


FireKat V21XN4:


FireKat V21X:


FireKat V20XN4:


FireKat V20X:


FireKat V19XN4:


FireKat V19N3:


FireKat V18N3:





Uploading Today...

FireKat V17N4:


FireKat V17N3:


FireKat V16:


FireKat Deodex V16 N4: unbelievable build see the complete list of kit above


FireKat Deodex V15 N3:


FireKat V15 N4 Deodex:


FireKat V14 Deodex:

FireKat V14 N4 Deodex:


FireKat V13X Deodex:


FireKat Deodex V13 s5/N4


FireKat V11 Deodex:


FireKat V10 Deodex:


v10 Mirror 1: thanks k9time


V10 Mirror 2:thanks alot k9time


V10 Mirror 3: thanks alot llkinasr


V10 Mirror 4: thanks brisinger


FireKat V9 Deodex:


FireKat: V9 Mirror 1: thanks p2s246


FireKat V9 Mirror 3: thanks p2s246 for the mirrors


FireKat V9 Mirror 4: thanks brisinger08


FireKat V8 Deodex:


FireKat V8 Mirror: Thanks Brisinger08


FireKat V8 Mirror 2: thanks SuperSeries


FireKat V8 Mirror 3: thanks k9time


FireKat V8 Mirror 4: thanks brisinger08


FireKat V8 Mirror 5: thanks mutantblack


FireKat V8 Mirror 6: thanks brisinger08


FireKat V7 Deodex:


FireKat V6 Deodex:


V6 Deodex Mirror: Thanks Bryanphamx


V5 Deodex: Drive Link  (this build is faster and Smoother than any of my previous note 3 roms...enjoy)


Due to the astonishing amount of traffic here's a drive mirror as requested for v5


So 2 links still shutdown lol too much traffic so here's mucky number 3...thanks Bryanphamx for the upload and mirror


V4 Deodex: Drive Link


V3 Deodex: Drive Link


 V2 Deodex: Drive Link


FireKat V1 Deodex: Drive Link


FireKat V1 Odex Build: upon request only

Huge thanks to Carl for letting us use his base to build FireKat on...without him providing it these builds wouldn't be here for you guys
Big thanks to Hash for Safestrap and making this all possible
Thanks To Bri for working on the updater script for the new changes made to kk and getting our builds to boot, nice job bro
A massive thanks to geohot for towelroot
Thanks to imnew for the sick quadrant score shot

***Please don't use use or copy my work without asking permission
***Please do not repost or post mirrors of my work without asking permission...i don't ask this of you guys to be a jerk but so I can control where my kits go to make sure I can support and troubleshoot them properly

I am not responsible for you, your note, your dog, or your life...what you do with your phone is your business and yours alone. ..the choice to flash my roms is also your choice and I hold no responsibility if you brick your Note or it blows up on your front porch...

Enjoy....hopefully a new wave of builds and mods will flow thru here and we can continue our firenote community here

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Re: FireKat Note 3 4.4.2 Att
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2015, 03:29:08 AM »
My personal setup step by step...

For the absolute most optimal setup follow these few simple steps to take FireKat to a whole new level and make your Note run like a brand new phone...enjoy

I've had so many requests for this here ya go...here's how I do my exact setup...absolutely most optimized possible


1. Uncheck Force Gpu Rendering in developer options...about phone, click MegaKat V10 (whatever build your on) 10 times to unlock dev options

2. Use Wanam and Xposed to deactivate Dvsf under Advanced in Wanam...dramatic boost in responsiveness, lower running temp, no screen dimming or cpu throttling

3. Change Animation and Transition settings in developer options...set all 3 from 1.0x to 0.5x. ..another huge boost to responsiveness and speed of any launcher

4. Greenify all downloaded user apps...Dont touch system app/don't activate greenify xposed mod

5. Disable the follow apps

Samsung Push Service
Google Chrome
Google Books
Google Magazines
Google Music
Google Hangouts
Google Plus
*obviously unless you use any of the above

6. Disable google location history and location reporting...doesn't affect maps or g now at all only stops a ton of data mining and wake locks

7. Do not use power saving mode...it defeats the optimizations and tweaks I've done to make the battery life so awesome

Enjoy the new build...latterly for those who want v10 on crack and steroids...use multicore controller or setcpu to max throttle the cpu to 2.26 ghz full time on performance governor lol then you're head will be spinning

Optimized Setup 2

As for the rest of my setup. ..op2 is a standard...ive done that forever every single flash exactly the same...

Honestly I don't do much else I let the rom do all the work...

For battery life: greenify is all i use...i greenify everything except widgets like zooper pro, live wallpapers like aurora or ocean weather, root apps like setcpu root explorer ect, ...which is mainly widgets, wallpapers, and root apps...no system apps
NO TUNERS CLEANERS RAM CLEARERS ECT...these are all counterproductive and usually cause more drain than good..

I also do not freeze or uninstall a bunch of apps from my system. ..i only do the few listed in op2

Never use power saving mode on my roms

Disable google history and reporting in location settings: doesn't negatively impact google maps or now, all functions and cards work. ..just no excess data or location pings

For performance

I use multicore controller: interactive governor
2300 ghz max
1200 ghz min (although recently increased due to excess battery life) i charge at night and since v11 on every other night getting about 5 hours screen on over 36 hours total full brightness

Animations on kk esp 4.4.4 are drastically slower than 4.3...thanks google for seeing ios8 and thinking that's the direction we should go in......

I always change my animations to .5 in dev options

I use setcpu with exact settings as multicore controller to adjust io scheduler...use ROW io setting


I uses to theme tw by coding and hated it tbh...because I love changing themes...wanam is by far my favorite mod over greenify setcpu ect...i could so without cpu controller as the roms already so quick...but wanam gives you an insane freedom to theme as you see fit on the fly

Zooper widget pro is def my favorite app becuase of the same reason with wanam. ..the freedom to have the s5 widget on nova or g3/g flex widgets on N4 ect...or the freedom to go off an get creative makes for a one of a kind device....

That's truly the key...i give my setup as a guide for how to lean it out, speed it up ect...but love watching what everyone does with the same blank canvas...

My favorite background ever is none 1 Aurora Live Wallpaper ripped and posted in op2 for everyone...my favorite theme lately has been the beach theme on my n4

S5/n4 AccuWeather are my favorite widgets ever...up with note 1 5 day layout one...but im not a big fan of the centered transparent n4 one tbh

Stock apps:

I'm actually a big fan of the stock Keyboard on n3/n4 that's what I use plus I use the s pen a ton so it's easier...i hate the new sms theme for the most part but love the clean look and use...with apps/services like email and sms browser i tend to a stick with stock  becuase i like most of the apps, they're quality, optimized in the build and run well...it's a little different on stock admittedly but on fk

I do have swiftkey and google keyboard. ...new Google keyboard is hideous imo lol
I also have javelin browser for a second browser option
Def us stock camera since i optimized it the shots are just phenomenal...but i do like the lenovo apk i posted in op2 that's a pretty cool point and shoot replica style ui to play with. ..that's the thing with most stock replacements i have or try it's just a secondary give it a shot once in a while thing for the most part for me...i like most of tw and tw apps tbh

The rest of my apps are games or junk...hopefully this covers most of what op2 has in more/different detail plus any additional information you may find useful. ..let me know about anything else you may be interested in...ill be home again after this around 6


Just as in my FireNote 4.3 Thread I will share mods, apks, and apps here

FireKat N3 Kit Kat 4.4.2 Compatible Apks

Stock Note 3 Gallery With Spiral View Modded Back:

Root explorer
System/priv apps
Paste Secgallery2013.apk over original
Set permissions and reboot


Stock Tw Launcher With Magazine Swipe Removed 4x4


Nj5 Baseband Compatible With ATT N3: supposed to improve signal strength overall...thanks xxxsuperseriesxxx for the hook up


Thanks alot to Carl for sharing the modded Tw Launchers for everyone to enjoy...good looking out buddy...enjoy fellas

Zooper Kit: fonts, icons, ect

Zooper Templates: about 50 or 60 weather widgets I've made...replicas of pretty much every popular flagship included...n1 n2 n3 s5 g2 g3 g flex etc..download and place in templates folder of zooper folder


G3 Weather Widget Fonts: copy into fonts folder of zooper folder in internal sd...then use in zooper when making widget under fonts


Bitmap Icons From note 1, 2, 3 and s5...put on ext sd and use add bitmap option in zooper...then add bitmap from gallery and choose icon


I will add anything anybody wants to add just post it in the threads and I'll repost it here...any mods apks or apps you think others may enjoy

Latest Google Apks: thanks ad

New material 5.0 Gmail...thanks ad


Gmail Material Design


Play Store 5.0


Huawei Live Weather Wallpaper Apk: Install as usual




Android Lollipop Kit:

Stock 5.0 sounds: unzip... pick files, copy into
Place in corresponding folder
Set Permissions


Add Data Quick Toggle: thanks Face_Plant for sharing, and to the mods creator Blaz1er for the mod zip


Galaxy S5 Weather Widget

To Install: use root explorer or root browser
1. System
2. Apps
3. Remove AccuWeather2013.apk and replace it with AccuWeather2014.apk
Remove weatherwidgetdaemon 2013.apk and replace it with weatherwidgetdaemon 2014.apk
4. Set permissions on both apks as all 3 read checked and owner write checked ( all 3 first column and top middle checked)
5. Reboot

**if you have issues loading the widget after reboot....go into settings, app manager, clear data and cache from weather widget and reset on home page

Google Play Store Android L Theme Update: 10/11/14 android L design...better performance...thanks butch ad and anyone else


Latest Play Services apk: 10/12/14 thanks butchieboy


S5 widget apk


S5 weather daemon


Galaxy S5 Activity Zone Apk


Google Now Latest Update With Android L Material Design Ui


Google Now Launcher Ripped From Nexus 5


Photo Wall Live Wallpaper: ripped from my Note 2 (signed just install like normal)


Luminous Dots Live Wallpaper: ripped from my note 2


Deep Sea Live Wallpaper: ripped from my Note 2


Sunbeam Live Wallpaper Apk : ripped from Htc One...looks amazing on n3


ANote HD: ripped from my Note 8 (amazing planner app)


Ocean Weather Live Wallpaper: ripped from my Note (one of my favorites ever)


Watch Styler 1.2.0 (Galaxy Gear Clock Apk)


Zedge Apk 3.5: final build of Zedge before commercials were added


Light Saber S Pen Sounds

Install with root explorer or root browser
Copy and replace these over the previous .ogg files


Google Kit Kat Camera Apk


Activity Zone Apk: ripped from s5



***To Use Xposed*
1. Open Xposed App
2. Open Modules Menu
3. Click To Activate Whatever Mods You Want
4. Go To Installer (1st menu of Xposed)
5. Click Install and Reboot

***To Use Wanam
1. For Any Mod Added Thru Wanam You Must Reboot
2. Themeing:
3. System Holo Dark: adds new background to settings page
4. Panel Background: adds background to notifications panel*
5. Title Bar Background: changes notification title background color
6. Bar Color: changes color of slider bar at bottom of notifications panel*
7. Tile Background Color: changes notification quick toggles color
***For each of these theme mods you must
1. Toggle on the mod at the top right of the individual theme page*
2. Click apply at bottom of individual page after choosing color*
3. Reboot*

S5 Quick Toggles Full Stock Theme Mod

To mod your quick toggles like the galaxy s5 follow this simple method

Using root browser or root explorer
Open Build.prop as editable text
Scroll down to the lines


change to:


Click save to save the mods in the build prop
***if using root explore you must delete or remove the build.prop.bak that's generated before rebooting
Enjoy...you can also mod this new theme with Wanam just like usual but enjoy the new circle toggles style/theme

Unlock Hidden Quick Toggles

Add Hidden Quick Toggles to Notification Bar: use Sq lite editor
1. Open and Grant Root
2. Scroll down the list to Settings Storage
3. Tap Systems.db
4. Tap System
5. Scroll down the system list until you find "notifications_panel_active_list" (see photo)
6. With notification panel active list highlighted hit the MENU BUTTON on your note
7. Tap Edit record
8. Scroll to bottom of quick toggles list
9. Add quick toggle codes for whatever toggles you want to activate with apostrophe in between each toggle ...ie ;mobiledata;hotspot; ect (full list below)
10. Once you've added the codes for the toggles you want...double check everything then click SAVE
11. Reboot
12. Enjoy the new toggles 

List of Hidden Toggles: type exactly like this...make sure what you add looks identical to structure already in sys.db

1. Mobile Data:  ; MobileData;
2. Location:   ;Location;
3. Silent Mode:  ;SilentMode;   ***again already in our note but att use   ;Sound; 
4. Wifi Hotspot:  ;WifiHotspot; 
5. Toddler Mode:  ;ToddlerMode;
6. Car Mode:  ;CarMode;   ***May not work; I think samsung use  ;DrivingMode;
7. Brightness:  ;Brightness;    ***you already have the slide bar on notification page so useless imo
8. Do Not Disturb:  ;DoNotDisturb;    ***Called Blocking Mode on samsung devices...blocking mode is a more advanced tweaked version of do not disturb by on samsung higher end phones/tabs

***Some of these may or may not be supported on att base builds...i know several were not supported or have no function, some are also simply renamed/different toggle code but does the same thing...ie driving/car mode, blocking/do not disturb ect... so if you try one that doesn't work let me know and I'll note it and remove from the list...likewise I'm sure with the s5 and a few other new devices there may be more toggles hidden in kk if you find any that work let me know and I'll add them...enjoy

Zooper Widget Pro Guide:

So I think all of you know I'm obsessed with Zooper...it's the business lol...so after fielding a bazillion questions about it I figured I'd put this newb kit together then add it to op2...

To Replicate A N4/S5 (Any) Widget: static...these will.not change wallpapers with weather...you can I just typically like 1 at a time...preference

1. Get the background you want: either extract it from the apk of said widget or my drive box has about every flagship every made weather widget decomp backgrounds in there lol

2. Add 4x2 or 5x2 widget to home page

3. Layout

4. Add+

5. Choose last option: Bitmap

6. Choose gallery

7. Choose background: example sunny s5 (below)

8. Resize to fit widget box

9. Back to Layout Menu

10. Add Text: option 1: choose text content

11. Choose Time

12. Choose 3rd option (my preference pick whatever)

13. Resize clock and place using x and y adjustment

14. Back to Layout Menu

15. Add Text: Text Select: Date

16. Resize Date and Set in Position

17. *** Follow this same method for
Location ect

18. For Weather Icons: Choose add bitmap icon

19. Choose bitmap

20. Resize and place in location

21. For "Last Update" like Samsung widgets check choose Edit Text and copy paste this into bar

Last Updated: #WLRM/d h:mm#

22. Resize and Place on bottom right corner

Basically let's you do stuff like this...enjoy

Zooper Stock AccuWeather Extracted Backgrounds:

Galaxy s5/n4 stock AccuWeather backgrounds extracted from weather apk


N2/N3 AccuWeather Backgrounds extracted from apk


N1 extracted AccuWeather backgrounds


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Re: FireKat Note 3 4.4.2 Att
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My Personal Collection of HD Backgrounds...about 250 including all s5 note 3 note 2 and s4 weather widget scenes pulled from the apks, their stock wallpapers, other flagship stock wallpapers and assorted hd backgrounds I use for wanam themes

HD Backgrounds / Stock Wallpapers

HD Backgrounds Drive Box 1:


HD Backgrounds Drive Box 2:


HD Backgrounds Drive Box 3:


Modified/Precut HD Backgrounds:


Windows 8.1 Pc Stock Wallpapers


MacBook Pro Stock Wallpapers


2880x2550 Insanely High Res Backgrounds Drive Box:


Stock Sounds Ripped From My Other Device's
Instructions for Install

The files contain the .ogg sound files which they are to be placed in using root explorer or root browser

1. System
2. Media*
3. Audio
4.***Go to appropriate folder ie alarms, notifications, ringtones
5. Copy the sound.ogg files into the appropriate folder
6. Set permissions all 3 read checked and owner write checked
7. Done...i suggest a reboot to be safe*
8. Enjoy

Note 1 Sounds Notifications and Ringtones 


Note 2 Sounds Notifications and Ringtones


Galaxy Mega/S4 Sounds Notifications and Ringtones


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Re: FireKat Note 3 4.4.2 Att
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First lol.

Can't wait for v25n4 think I'll skip v24.

Btw mega. Know you were working on update for the note pro 12.2. Can you let me know when done. Haven't upgraded that baby in a while.

LG V10 - Waiting on Mega's lovin
Note 4 on FK
Note3 on FK
Note Pro 12.2 Wifi on FK
Crap load of older ones!! :)

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Re: FireKat Note 3 4.4.2 Att
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First lol.

Can't wait for v25n4 think I'll skip v24.

Btw mega. Know you were working on update for the note pro 12.2. Can you let me know when done. Haven't upgraded that baby in a while.

Welcome to the new digs man...ya for sure it'll be a couple days once everything gets nailed down


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Re: FireKat Note 3 4.4.2 Att
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Awesome.  Def no rush as I know a lot going on to get all this going

LG V10 - Waiting on Mega's lovin
Note 4 on FK
Note3 on FK
Note Pro 12.2 Wifi on FK
Crap load of older ones!! :)

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Re: FireKat Note 3 4.4.2 Att
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Just up and running here on the new site.  Looking good so far Mega!!
Sent from a black slab...

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Re: FireKat Note 3 4.4.2 Att
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Loving this new layout. eat your heart out xda..lol

Did anybody send MoJo a pm leting him know whats going on. Just checking Thanks..
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Re: FireKat Note 3 4.4.2 Att
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Nevermind.  Found it.  8)
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Re: FireKat Note 3 4.4.2 Att
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Loving this new layout. eat your heart out xda..lol

Did anybody send MoJo a pm leting him know whats going on. Just checking Thanks..

Not sure if they yet but I'm sure he read it. He had said he was reading just not posting.

So here is the recent from v23

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Note3 on FK
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Crap load of older ones!! :)

September 30, 2015, 02:51:46 PM
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Re: FireKat Note 3 4.4.2 Att
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Loving this new layout. eat your heart out xda..lol

Did anybody send MoJo a pm leting him know whats going on. Just checking Thanks..
Awesome bro glad your digging It...I'm super exited to have everything up and running so fast


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September 30, 2015, 06:27:27 PM
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Re: FireKat Note 3 4.4.2 Att
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Uploading the note 4 themes build now fellas


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September 30, 2015, 06:27:54 PM
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Re: FireKat Note 3 4.4.2 Att
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Uploading the note 4 themes build now fellas


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LG V10 - Waiting on Mega's lovin
Note 4 on FK
Note3 on FK
Note Pro 12.2 Wifi on FK
Crap load of older ones!! :)
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Re: FireKat Note 3 4.4.2 Att
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My new n3 setup. ..


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September 30, 2015, 10:03:12 PM
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Re: FireKat Note 3 4.4.2 Att
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Mega do u use icon packs for tw or are they really only for custom launchers.  Was going to give tw a chance for a bit but want to update these ugly icons

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LG V10 - Waiting on Mega's lovin
Note 4 on FK
Note3 on FK
Note Pro 12.2 Wifi on FK
Crap load of older ones!! :)