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 [***REVIEW***] LG V10 + TEAR DOWN!

November 25, 2015, 01:39:56 AM
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[***REVIEW***] LG V10 + TEAR DOWN!
« on: November 25, 2015, 01:39:56 AM »


So the LG V10. What is it exactly and why was it released right before the years end? To compete with what? You may ask....Well the simple answer to that is, No one. The V10 is a step child phone going into the G5 we're about to be introduced to come early next year. Think of the V10 as the Note Edge, however, with more of a purpose in the sense that the V10 is loaded and unique in many ways, which puts it in it's own category. It can also be seen as the grand exhibition poster child to let the others know to get out of the way, because we have some big things coming.... and LG does....


Awesome. The LG V10 in my opinion is the best built phone to date. From the solid SAE grade 316L stainless steel side rails to the Dura Skin Silicone materiel on the top, bottom and the Dura Skin polycarbonate rear cover, it's hard to not appreciate the built tough factor of this phone. Military standard 810G shock resistance....oh yea, that's what I'm talking about. The ergonomics of the phone is great and the slim design really makes great use of all the surface area to produce an awesome screen to bezel ratio. Having the power (+finger print scanner) and volume buttons on the rear may be a bit strange for those used to Samsung with the buttons on the side, however, you'll get used to it quick. Having the double tap on/off is very handy and I've learned to appreciated that feature a lot.

The sloping curved sides really make holding the phone pleasant. Although it is nearly identical to the width of the Note 4, it feels a lot slimmer/thinner in the hand.


Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 808. This is also step child SoC, but not quite one to be labled as something that's between the 805 and 810. The 808 is just different.
Display: 5.7" + 2.1" = 7.275"
Internal Storage: 64GB
Rear Camera: 16MP
Dual Front Facing Cameras: 5MP Dual Lens. (Shoots 80 degrees standard angle and 120 degrees wide angle.)
Battery: 3,000mAh
Size: Almost identical to the Note4, but just a tad taller.
Weight: 192g (The Note 4 is 176g, but both feel about the same overall.)

Screen and Secondary Display:

Okay so you have an IPS 5.7" + a 2.1" above that, however, the dual front facing camera's share some of the real estate of the 2.1" screen. So technically the V10 sports a 7.275" screen and the phone does have the ability to recognize the extra 2.1" screen, it's just that there hasn't been any apps or mods done yet for that to be seen. Although the main display is 5.7", the added 2nd display does make the screen seem bigger than it really is.

The resolution is the same as the Note 4 at 1440x2560 with 515ppi pixel density and the quality is excellent; of course from the IPS power house LG who is the master producer of the IPS screens.


The camera's 1/2.6" sensor is the same as the G4 with an aperture of f/1.8, however on the software end of it, nothing can touch the V10's features. It's crazy. Manual mode (ISO, shutter speed, white balance, focus), RAW photos, Manual mic adjustments while recording etc...It's complete madness. It takes great pictures as expected. Compared to the Note 4 (w/ FK/PR ROM) it does very well from what I've seen. Where the V10 has the edge is in the manual controls as I've noticed this in low light shooting. The V10 without applying any manual settings, does not hold up to what the Note 4 can do in low light conditions. But like I've said, go manual and you have yourself some amazing shots with virtually no light LOL.


It's located on the bottom of the phone and it's loud. Compared to the G4, I would say that it is a little more balanced overall as well. Otherwise pretty much the same.

What separates the V10 from the rest though is the built in 32-bit DAC for all you audiophiles! This is one of the things that I appreciate the most about the phone. It's an audiophile's dream come true.

User experience:

When you hold the V10, you have that confidence of holding something of quality. It's mean and you that bring it on suckers attitude. No really LOL...ask any V10 owner. This 'ain't' your typical made in china look oh nicey piece of hardware. It's LG for crying out loud! (S.Korean Giant) One of the King of kings in the electronics world along side with Samsung. - You could literally give someone a concussion with this steel brick of a phone. It's that tough. 

I love having the 4GB of RAM as I have yet to experience one hiccup or lag with it so far. It just does everything well. I've tried to throw a lot at it with massive multi-tasking, but it just flies right along like, "oh may I help you?" attitude. The RAM management is excellent and the best I've seen yet, however, I wouldn't be surprised if the Note 5 or S6+ Edge would be just as good, likely better....but we're talking the top 3 do you top the top when it's already the top? Get it? LOL....

64GB of Internal Storage. This is the new standard in my books. I hope all future phones release with 64GB minimum. 32GB is outdated in ratio to how big a lot of apps / games are becoming. Of course you have the external storage option, but that's not the point. I love how the V10 is just straight up..BAM! 64GB. Here you.

The V10 with its SD808 SoC is also a step child of its own. Compared to the SD810, which has earned a reputation for being "heat happy," the 808 was the answer to SD's design flaw with the 810. So instead of taking the 810 and trying to tone it down, which still failed to work, the 808 is a complete redesign, while still sitting on the 20nm piece of silicon.

Long story short the 810 has 4x ARM Cortex A57 + 4x ARM Cortex A53, while the 808 has 2x ARM Cortex A57 cores and 4x ARM Cortex A53. In this case, less is more and that has proven to be so. Although the memory interface is still LPDDR3, it is clocked at 933, which is 133 over it's previous siblings. The bottom line is, the 808 is able to pull all the weight the V10 throws at it. The only scenario where I see that it might start to sweat is if you were to do some major gaming, which then you would want a Samsung Exynos powered phone like the Note 5 / S6+ Edge.

Let's just call the 808, second best w/ still a big gap from the Exynos..... and leave it at that.

The call quality is great all around both on speaker and earpiece. The other end is crisp and clear....there isn't anything to really complain about.

Would I recommend buying the phone?

If you have the means to do so, absolutely. Not only is it one of the best new phones (well it is the best new phone IMO), but it's also a rare piece much like the Note Edge. The build construction of this phone really sets it apart from the rest, not only from previous phones, but highly likely the future phones as well. The metal side rails is a design language LG has now pioneered, though they've just started. I'm sure there's a patent on it as well.

The dual screen is extremely practical for multi taskers and I love how it's not a gimmick. There's something great going here and I assume LG will capitalize on this forward moving trend. Speaking of trends....

REMOVABLE BATTERY AND SD CARD SLOT! I absolutely love how LG really pushed this in their V10 campaign. For giggles, you should check out this short 2 min clip. It's funny because the quirkiness of the commercial is really backed up by the V10, because it is good as they make it seem, when usually it's the other way around LOL...

Final thoughts:

Here's how I see it. The V10 will very likely be the last phone on LP 5.1.1, which is already too much (too far from KitKat) for KK fans like myself, but as all of you are aware the forecast for the future of Android isn't looking too pretty. The sunny days might be coming to an end. Therefore, for all the obvious reasons and highly probable speculations combined, makes the V10 the best device that's on LP 5.1.1. + Removable Battery + SD Card Slot + 4GB RAM + 64GB Internal storage + Amazing screen + Unique Second Display + The best built phone that will last ...... if you can, just get it. You won't regret it.

Oh and I've forgot to add these. This is stock!

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Re: [***REVIEW***] LG V10 + TEAR DOWN!
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Call me crazy, but here you go!

LG V10 Tear Down:

The V10 is undoubtedly the best constructed phone that I've seen to date. Talk about pure quality. From the pictures alone it may not do it much justice, but trust me when I say, from having seen numerous phones from the inside out, I can immediately distinguish the quality of all the LG components.

Attention to detail. It's all over the place...very well though out and CLEAN! Super clean. This is top notch stuff!

Very elegant and done with pure class....that's the best way that I can put rush job here...

Notice all that Gold action? They've integrated a lot straight onto the motherboard to keep it clean and practical. Impressed.

Can't stop staring at all that Gold shine LOL....jk...but's pretty.

Ok...when I say this thing is built tough and with pure quality, I mean it...the upper portion you see there is solid metal. Even where the SoC sits....heat distribution anyone? This is brilliant and well thought out.

See that dotted foil like insulator stuff? I serves multiple purposes from it being a dampener, heat distributor and shock absorber.

Here's a shot of all that solid metal inside again....

Just so elegant. That greyish looking stuff is a mesh material...looks cool...

SK hynix! South Korean. Second largest memory chipmaker in the World. They are owned by Hyundai Electronic Industrial Co. and SK Telecom, which is S.Korea's biggest mobile phone carrier. If it isn't Samsung, SKhynix is found in all your Apple products, Android Tablets, ASUS, HP, etc.... it's everywhere.

There are the connectors to the metal steel rail.

Those rails also serve a different purpose than just the frame. A lot more....

Look at that tough steel....bring it on....I've tried to bend it (not bend bend, but you get the gist) and man is that thing solid. Can't bend it.

Here's a side profile shot for you with the rail next to the phone.

Those are all metal clips. NO not plastic, METAL! SOLID PURE METAL. Gosh I love this stuff HAHA...

See those little connector points that make contact with the metal rails? Interesting eh?

Here's the back side of the motherboard. Very clean and solid.

Ever need to throw flying rods at you'll do some damage no doubt.

Hope yall enjoyed!

* I can't imagine there being much people who has done a tear down yet eh? I know there's a few, but hey....mark AndroidUncensored down as one.
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