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 How To...Flash a Rom Step By Step

October 01, 2015, 02:39:24 AM
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How To...Flash a Rom Step By Step
« on: October 01, 2015, 02:39:24 AM »

How To...? Flash a Rom Step By Step...

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Flashing a rom is relatively simple, and the process is rather generic for most devices with minor variations. If you follow this guide in tandem with my flashing tutorial video you should have no problem getting your device all set up no matter your experience level. You can find the link to the Youtube video in the Video's section or through the links to my Youtube channel.

1. Download the stock rom for your device


2. Power device off


3. Boot device into bootloader/download mode


4. Using Odin for Samsung devices or command prompt/fastboot on pc to flash the stock rom for your device while the device is in download/bootloader mode (Note: nothing will be deleted from your device at this stage)


5. Allow the stock rom to install and boot up


6. Power device off again


7. Boot device into download/bootloader mode


8. Odin Flash Chainfire Auto Root or another root kit for your device/stock rom


9. Power device on


10. Open Supersu app


11. In Supersu hit "Normal" then "Continue" when prompted to install root binaries


12. Power off device


13. Boot into bootloader/download mode


14. Odin Flash Twrp Recovery or CWM Recovery for your device


15. Power off device after it boots post flashing Recovery


16. Boot into Recovery Mode on your device


17. In Recovery: Choose backup and backup your stock rooted rom (just in case)


18. Go back to Recovery main screen once the backup is finished


17. Choose Wipe: then choose Advanced Wipe: select the following options below


Under Advanced Wipe In Twrp: check only






***DO NOT Wipe Internal storage unless you want to wipe your device completely


 18. Swipe to complete Advanced Wipe


19. Go back to Recovery main menu once again


20. Choose "Install"

21. Find the rom zip folder on your sd card or internal storage


22. Swipe to begin flashing the rom zip


23. Allow rom flash to complete (Note: can be a few minutes up to 10)


24. Reboot once flash completes


25. Let the rom boot and rest 15 mins or so before beginning to install your apps


26. Use the device as usual with the benefits of the rom you flashed.


27. Enjoy

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