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 How To...? Optimize Your Setup

October 01, 2015, 02:44:42 AM
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How To...? Optimize Your Setup
« on: October 01, 2015, 02:44:42 AM »
This is my personal setup process that I've come up with over the years. While some of the steps or information may be speaking of a specific device or rom build, the information is relative and somewhat generic merely transpose the information to your relevant device and rom to adjust accordingly.

For more How To's, Tutorials, and Information be sure to check out the website over at...


My personal setup step by step...

For the absolute most optimal setup follow these few simple steps to take your setup to a whole new level and make your device run like a brand new phone...enjoy

I've had so many requests for this here ya go...here's how I do my exact setup...absolutely most optimized possible


1. Uncheck Force Gpu Rendering in developer options...about phone, click FireKat V10 (whatever build your on) 10 times to unlock dev options

2. Use Wanam and Xposed to deactivate Dvsf under Advanced in Wanam...dramatic boost in responsiveness, lower running temp, no screen dimming or cpu throttling

3. Change Animation and Transition settings in developer options...set all 3 from 1.0x to 0.5x. ..another huge boost to responsiveness and speed of any launcher

4. Greenify all downloaded user apps...Dont touch system app/don't activate greenify xposed mod

5. Disable the follow apps

Samsung Push Service
Google Chrome
Google Books
Google Magazines
Google Music
Google Hangouts
Google Plus
*obviously unless you use any of the above

6. Disable google location history and location reporting...doesn't affect maps or g now at all only stops a ton of data mining and wake locks

7. Do not use power saving mode...it defeats the optimizations and tweaks I've done to make the battery life so awesome

Enjoy the new build...latterly for those who want v10 on crack and steroids...use multicore controller or setcpu to max throttle the cpu to 2.26 ghz full time on performance governor lol then you're head will be spinning

Optimized Setup 2

As for the rest of my setup. ..op2 is a standard...ive done that forever every single flash exactly the same...

Honestly I don't do much else I let the rom do all the work...

For battery life: greenify is all i use...i greenify everything except widgets like zooper pro, live wallpapers like aurora or ocean weather, root apps like setcpu root explorer ect, ...which is mainly widgets, wallpapers, and root apps...no system apps
NO TUNERS CLEANERS RAM CLEARERS ECT...these are all counterproductive and usually cause more drain than good..

I also do not freeze or uninstall a bunch of apps from my system. ..i only do the few listed in op2

Never use power saving mode on my roms

Disable google history and reporting in location settings: doesn't negatively impact google maps or now, all functions and cards work. ..just no excess data or location pings

For performance

I use multicore controller: interactive governor
2300 ghz max
1200 ghz min (although recently increased due to excess battery life) i charge at night and since v11 on every other night getting about 5 hours screen on over 36 hours total full brightness

Animations on kk esp 4.4.4 are drastically slower than 4.3...thanks google for seeing ios8 and thinking that's the direction we should go in......

I always change my animations to .5 in dev options

I use setcpu with exact settings as multicore controller to adjust io scheduler...use ROW io setting


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