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 [Review] Moto X Pure 4G

August 27, 2016, 04:45:39 AM
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[Review] Moto X Pure 4G
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Moto X Pure 4G [64GB/32GB/16GB] - Review

The first impressions from when taking it out of the box was, "Wow...what a classy phone." It gave off that wow factor of owning something with an attractive design language mimicking the sensation of owning a Mercedes S-Class Coupe. That feeling you get when you walk out of the car and knowing that what is behind you is one sexy car that people would drool over. (Yes the car is a girl LOL. Let's make that clear haha.)  It's solid, ergonomic and proportional to a degree that is above average for this screen size. Another thing that I had to keep in mind was the price point, as this is no longer a phone that can only be bought at its retail $399, depending on what variant you go with. So with all this in mind, here are my thoughts on the 1 year old Moto X Pure 4G.

I love the well thought out design language of the Moto X Pure and you can tell that they really took the time in mapping out the placement of certain things in the right places. The attention to detail like the textured grip power button (metal?), the volume buttons just below the power button, the two tier slope of the 3.5mm head phone jack for the ease of the headphone input, the metal strip on the back that encompasses the rear camera w/ flash, including a nice round dimple with the M logo that does serve a purpose, to the anodized hardened square around the charge port (high traffic area with it being prone to scratching over time) are all some of the few key things that can be easily overlooked, but important to note so that it can be appreciated.

The Moto X Pure is definitely the most ergonomic phone at the 5.7" class that feels confident when holding it, thanks to the curvature of the back. Having the rubber textured back skin is genius as well. (Kudos to LG with the V10 as well.) Not only does it provide function, but it also serves other purposes in protecting the phone from scratches and also could very well aid to helping with the signal strength since it isn't aluminum. It'd be interesting to get some feedback from Moto X Pure owners to see if they do notice a slightly better signal over other phones.

Comparing it to the Note 4, the phone is slightly slimmer in width, a tad bit slimmer in height and a little thicker overall (not necessarily a bad thing), which makes a noticeable difference in more ways than just being smaller on paper. While the Note 4 is more square and boxy with its design, if you are used to that style, diving right into the Moto X Pure may throw you off balance a little, especially when it comes to typing. More on that later...

The Moto X Pure houses a 5.7" IPS LCD with capacitive touch buttons, which is practical for a phone with dual front facing stereo speakers, however it does come at a cost. (Practical as in the capacitive touch that is.) I do wish they would have stuck with the AMOLED screen from the previous Moto as it was much more vibrant with better viewing angles. Comparing the screen to the Note 4's AMOLED display, the Moto X stacks up pretty well at full brightness with a color tone more on the colder (bluish) side. However, the display lacks in its viewing angles as the screen image becomes aggressively warmer in tone the more the viewing angle changes. (See attached pics) This is one downfall of lower-mid quality IPS screens, unless of course they are very high quality IPS displays like the new LG ones used on the iPhones / iPads.

The Gorilla Glass 3 gives off a softness that reminds me of the Note 3 or the LG G4. Having gotten used to Gorilla Glass 4 and now 5 may have altered my glass compass a little, but the best analogy that I can give of the Gorilla Glass 3 on the Moto X Pure is the feel compared to a glass screen protector on our Note 4's etc...The phones bare screen feels 1:1 to the tempered glass that I have on my Note 4.

Overall the screen is great. It's bright, clear and at QHD resolutions everything looks very crisp. There is a comforting factor about the display on the Moto X Pure that is good enough to get the job done. Especially at this price point.

* See the pics below for the visuals of the color tone vs the Note 4 and the lack of real estate on the Moto X Pure due to its on board touch capacitive buttons.

The battery drain seems to be about average and I'll have to collect more data before I can go into details, however, it does rock a 3000mAh internal battery which is a pretty hefty size. It also comes with a quick charger *cough* I'm sorry a TurboPower Charger lol, which can charge the phone to 40% in about 30 minutes. Not too shabby. Although the battery is internal / sealed, it's actually not that difficult to replace it if you needed to. The rear cover piece with a little bit of heat comes right off and right below it sits the battery. I've only had the phone for about a day now, but so far I've seen an on screen time of about 4.5 hours so far, granted I am using a black theme, but still.

LTE Compatibility:
Does it work with all T-Mobile bands? Yes, in fact there is a file you can flash to obtain Band 12 that is missing among the majority of international and/or unlocked phones. (Thanks Kenny) As a reminder the Band issues are more so software, however, some international phones can be missing the actual hardware for it so keep that in mind. The phone seems to get a slightly better reception than my Note 4 in some places. It's very random so it's nothing to write home about, but I thought I'd just point that out for what it's worth.

This is definitely the phones weak point. It's slow to focus and is below average in low light conditions. If having a good camera is important to your daily usage habits, than this may be a deal breaker for you. Sure it shoots okay in day light, but what smart phone camera doesn't these days? Even a walmart pre-paid no name smart phone can shoot decent shots in outdoor settings. Because having a good camera is extremely important to me, I for sure can't use this as my daily driver to replace my Note 4, which has the best camera to date aside to the new 12MP Samsung Sensor found in the Note 7 and S7. All I can say is that the camera is mediocre at best. What makes it worse is the horrific camera software that makes you think twice if they even paid attention to this before releasing it. Another indicator that gives away the cover up is the 21MP sensor they proudly try to advertise as being better, because as we know the higher the MP the better the camera right? WRONG LOL. That was a trick question. We all know that to not be true, hence the Note 7 / S7 with its world class 12MP sensor. Bottom line, if you need a good camera, look elsewhere. Sad I know, because this phone almost has everything right on. If you are not a camera person, then this phone is a pure winner. (Note: I am spoiled by the Note 4's camera so my standards are as high as they can get, especially when I've had hands on time with the best of the best, Note 7's camera.)

The Moto X Pure packs a SD808 with an Adreno 418 on the GPU end. Yes that's 418, not 420 that's even found on the SD805 on our Note 4's, however, the difference isn't ground breaking if at all. Performance wise the Moto X Pure is noticeably snappier than the Note 4 with the SD805. Regular day to day users would not be able to tell the difference, but for power users who multitask with a lot of tabs open at the same time will be able to feel the lack of power the SD805 produces. The phones fast and accomplishes pretty much everything fairly well. It's no SD820 or your Exynos 8890, but it will handle tasks just as well if not faster than the SD805, hands down. Again, normal users will not notice a difference.

On the RAM end, it has 3GB, which puts it on par with other smart phones in that range. Having gotten used to my Note 4 with 3GB, yes it can be limiting for power users, but the way MM handles RAM management is far superior to the old KK days and even the tragic LP days for that matter. I've tested both the Note 4, Note 3 and Moto X Pure side by side with opening all of the same apps and the Moto X comes up top almost every time. Surprisingly the Note 3 with its SD800 / 3GB came on top at times. One word: RAM Management. More doesn't necessarily mean better. Look at the embarrassing tragedy of the OnePlus 3 LOL with it launching with 6GB of RAM, but the phone barely being able to utilize half of that? Supposedly a new update fixed it, but take that with a grain of salt.

Expandable Memory:
Micro SD Card Slot. YES! Enough said.

This is a category that deserves attention as more phone companies should offer the level of customization that Moto does. If you haven't already, go to their website and customize your own Moto X Pure 4G. It'll make you wish all companies had offered this. What a brilliant concept and they bank off of this too so there is no justifying why any company wouldn't be able to provide this service. We all know why though...profits...commercial mass production mind set.

Dev Support / Software Goodness:
If there was one thing that lured me to the Moto X Pure, it would be the awesome Dev Support that it has. Especially with the bootloader being unlockable, thank goodness. Although the process of getting all this done can be a little much for a novice, it's not impossible. Just follow the directions and you'll be golden.

Bottom Line:
If you don't need a stylus and want a phone at 5.7" with good specs for under or about ~$300+/- (64GB), ~$200+ (32GB), ~$100+ (16GB), the Moto X Pure 4G is an excellent choice, if not the best for the price point. The only other phones that can really compare to the phone/value to cost ratio would be the Note 3 or Note 4, IMO. The phone does everything well, less the camera although it is good enough for the average user, and has a wow factor that can satisfy ones phone craving to either get you by or to simply be a piece to add onto ones collection as it is definitely worthy of that.

I have been enjoying the phone and it's been a pleasure messing with the customization that it provides. Some ROM's have goodies baked into it that will make you forget about xposed. What was really nice to see is the unlocking of the bootloader all being done through Moto and I wish more companies did this as well. To unlock the bootloader you just create an account on Moto's site, pull the string of code from your phone using adb and copy/paste that onto their website and it'll email you the unlock code in which you use adb to unlock the bootloader. With a little help or guidance it's simple, but the main point being that it is possible!

I'll add more onto this review and update it accordingly. I hope you've found it useful.

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Re: [Review] Moto X Pure 4G
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Nice review unlock. Enjoyed reading it.

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Re: [Review] Moto X Pure 4G
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Great review Unlock.
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Re: [Review] Moto X Pure 4G
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Thanks guys. Glad you likes  ;D
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