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 [Note 3 and Note 4] - The only two phones I'd own at the moment...

October 01, 2015, 03:57:40 AM
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It's no surprise for those of you that know me that the Note 3 is by far my most favorite device to date. I love the form factor, 1080p screen which is excellent (less of a battery hog), removable battery, removable SD, Temp Sensor, Humidity Sensor, and best of all Jelly Bean, which in my opinion is the best software to date. A Note 3 running FireKat can be literally on par with the Note 4. Of course there are differences on specs, but in real world everyday use, a Note 3 can at times feel snappier than the Note 4.

I like the Note 4 a lot and it's by far the fastest and most efficient device I've owned to date. FireKat ROM on the Note 4 blows everything out of the water in its class. You might be thinking...well does that mean it blows out the Note 3? NO. The Note 3 is a special breed compared to the pack that's in the same playing field as the Note 4.

On a happiness factor scale, it's pretty darn even for me as I'd be just as content owning a Note 3 fully tuned with FireKat as I would with my Note 4 on FireKat fully tuned. However, I do personally favor the Note 4 on FireKat because everything that I need to work just works....thank goodness.... This can not be said for the Note 5 as LP just ruined everything for those who must have Xposed Mod.

So for me....

45% - Note 3 on FK
55% - Note 4 on FK

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