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 MegaFire 4.2.2 Mega I9205

September 30, 2015, 03:02:37 AM
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MegaFire 4.2.2 Mega I9205
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Thanks for the bad ass sign Noahk11

MegaFire V23: brought performance and speed optimizations learned while developing PopRocks lp n4 build...also a rebuilt camera taking incredibly high res shots...enjoy the new update

MegaFire V22: while I wasn't even planning on doing another MegaFire as I honestly thought that was the end of the road...but I've been going thru some other rom builds updating them this weekend as well an found this huge leap in snappiness and immediacy that i couldn't not build into MegaFire and truly complete this build with the best possible rom imo possible...i hope you all enjoy v22

V20 Basically Took v18 and polished it, increased the touch response,  animation and transition speed, and fluidity of the build as a whole...also enhancements done to the screen for sharper detail and punchier colors...sharper still photos and higher detail...improved call clarity/sound quality...and optimized the battery/run temp...if you follow the optimized setup I posted in op2 on a clean flash of V18 your mega will feel like a brand new, much more powerful kit...enjoy

V20 is the culmination of over 40 roms of jelly bean on the mega, with newer stuff pulled from Megakat and firekat note 3 roms...

V20 kept the performance and battery life of classic MegaFire roms with increased screen clarity, call quality, photo/video quality, streaming speed and video quality...i basically wanted to flush out the rest of the build to be as optimized as the performance...enjoy

New in v20 builds: mainly rendering, debugging, performance, and battery life enhancements and Optimizations...refining this rom to the absolute is the goal plain and simple...pulled every new trick I could think of

MegaFire Mj2 Deodex V20 Rom based on new Mj2 base firmware.

V20 Optimizes from roms between 4.1.1 and 4.4.4 and uses new tweaks pulled from a few latest kk builds
The Peak of Perforamnce for The Mega
Several Tweaks and Optimizations taken from Note 3 rom and Note Pro 12.2 Rom

Biggest Gain is Temp: Still running super fast but running on average 18 degrees cooler so there's a drastic decrease of screen dimming in games and the Mega hardly ever warms up on the back now

Eliminated Wake Lag: screen on from deep sleep is near instant
Massive Improvement For Gpu Rendering And Load For Excellent 3d Gaming
Improved Multi-touch Responsiveness and Accuracy for Better Gaming
New Optimized Mods Allow For Lag Free Multiwindow or Heavy Background Use
Even Further Improvements Made For Gains In Battery Life
Completely Rebuilt Dalvik and Cache Controllers
Fastest Browser On Any Device I've Ever Used
MegaFire V20 is a large step up taking everything from 4 builds of the Mj2 base, and refining and optimizing it into the best rom possible
V20 takes the speed and performance of V18 to another level, while improving on the battery Life
Improved overall smoothness
Framelocked at 60fps
Improved Keystroke response times for keyboard
3d games run absolutely flawless
Improved ram management and dalvik Cache
Tw ui overhaul: improved response times and animation speed on par with Nova
Faster GPS Location
Extremely fast Data Speeds: search and back are near instant even on slower data Speeds

Battery: standby drops only  .3% per hour or less on standby
Speed: extreme speed boost to ui and system averaging 8395 quadrant scores
100% Lag Free: no more laggy ui..even eliminated the lag upon boot up
***No more stuttering and frame dropping upon Reboot or gaming

Extensive modifications to build prop, system, and Xml files make this rom extremely fast and smooth. I took all the tweaks and customizations from the previous 10 roms as well as from tweaks pulled from my other device's roms'

There is a stock rom V20 with all added features and Samsung Apps
A second stripped build V20X comes super stripped and streamlined with only Chainfire's SuperSu Apk
(Thanks to Chainfire as always for granting us root access)
***Be Sure To Update SuperSu In Play Store

Both builds have the same optimization tweaks but V18X comes with a ton of stripped system apks and widgets, fully removed from the system

Knox fully removed from both Builds

Features of Mj2 V20 Feature Included:

***I Built Viper4Android Into The System of Both V20 Builds
1. Open Viper
2. Grant Root and Install Viper Codec: I Choose Medium
3  After Install Viper Will Say To Reboot
4 Reboot Your Mega
5 Go Back Into Viper and Set Eq and Options
6 Done
***No need to update anything now as i have pre built everything in just follow my instructions and enjoy the amazing sound quality

Extremely Fast and Smooth: I completely overhauled Mj2 V20
Battery Life Is Probably As Optimized As Possible
Lock Screen Delay Completely Removed: Almost Instant LCD Response
Touch Response Improved For Faster and Smoother Feel
Precise Tweaks to Across Several Levels of The System
Improved Battery Life In Use and Standby
Increased Data Speeds and Voice Call Quality Without Battery Drain
Further Tweaks to Ui For Near Flawless Transitions
Animations and App Launching Happen Nearly Instantaneously
Extremely Smooth and Lag Free Performance
***Main Focus of v20 Is Optimizing The Mega In Every Way

New Features Added to V20:
Torch Apk
Es File Explorer
Nova Launcher and Tesla Notifications for Further Customization
Updated MX Video and Double Twist Music Apps
New Viper Audio Updates Built Into System

Mj2 brings Native Apps2Sd functionality
Keyboard From Bmj2 is Amazing: excellent feel and accurate autocorrect
Improved Animations and Transitions, plus several tweaks I put in to make it even faster
Tweaked Ui for smooth and quick transitions and scrolling
Tweak Disabling Scrolling Cache for improved speed
Viper4Android Audio Tweaks : built into the system itself and included in Sound Settings Music Fx Menu
MX Video Player for superior video rendering in HD
Camera clarity has been tweaked and modded for clearer and sharper detail
Improved Battery Life
Wanam Xposed Mod
App Settings Xposed Mod
Youtube Adaway
Kit Kat Launcher witih Always Listnening Google Now
Multiwindow Manager All Apps Enabled
Root App Delete
Double Twist Music Player
MX Video Player
Quick Boot
Tube Mate YouTube Video Downloader

Removed From V20
Since V18X is extremely stripped down i left V20 more stock for this build...
All Knox apps are removed
Elm Agent Removed
App Mobile Print Apks Removed
Story Album Removed

V20X Features
All background and system tweaks for speed, performance, and battery life just like V20
No additional apps except SuperSu and Viper4Android
Significant Amount of System and Stock Apps Removed: 86 in total
SuperSu by Chainfire only added app
Extensive Xml tweaks, edits to the source code, and various other system and background optimizations
Cuts to the system and removing a lot of useless apks and apps
Main focus of V20X is optimizing speed and battery life
V18X is completely stripped: 750 to 900 mb of ram open and 10 running system apps total

To use the Xposed Mods: open Xposed App and go to Modules
Make sure a check mark is visible beside the apps that you want activated
Upon Reboot go into the apps that you activated and set them up however you want them.
**** For any mod that you do not want to use or keep on your phone simply uninstall from Application Manager like any other up.
**** I Included several mods but there are a ton more mods available in xposed downloads section for you to choose from.
I always highly recommend Wanam and use it myself for a ton of things

Known Issue:
The one and only issue that I've found has been the Stock Samsung Video Player which is still included in both Builds as it works in certain regions   MX is not included in V20X so if Samsung doesn't work you'll need to download a video player if necessary
*** The problem with Samsung Video is certain regions csc codes are incompatible with this application and will open but force close when attempting to play a video, so I included the much higher quality MX Player for everyone. If you have this force close issues with Stock Video use MX, if stock works you have the option of either video player but i still recommend MX as its far far superior to Samsung player
**Just make sure to download the codecs for MX and Viper

Drive Links:

MegaFire V23 Grand Finale

MegaFire V22 Extreme Finale:

MegaFire V22X UltimateGrandFinale

MegaFire V20 Extreme Finale Last Update:

MegaFire V20X Grand Finale Last Update:

MegaFire V18:

MegaFire V17:

MegaFire V17XxX:

MegaFire V16:

MegaFire V16 Mirror: Thanks alot samueldewit

MegaFire V16XxX:

MegaFire V16XxX Mirror: thanks alot samueldewit

MegaFire V15:

MegaFire V15X:

MegaFire V14:

MegaFire V14X

MegaFire V13:

Mirror MegaFire V13:

MegaFire V13X:

Mirror V13X:

MegaFire V12:

MegaFire V12X:

MegaFire V11:

MegaFire V11X:

MegaFire V10:

MegaFire V10X

MegaFire V9:

MegaFire V9X:

MegaFire V8:

MegaFire V8X

MegaFire V7:

MegaFire V7X

Installation: Both Builds

1 Reboot into CWM
2 Wipe Data and Factory Reset
3 Wipe Dalvik Cache
4 Install Zip from Sd or Ext Sd (whenever you store it)
5 Let it boot up after flash, and let it sit settling in for 5 to 10 mins. Then go thru setup screens...When you get to the home screen do a reboot.
6. After it reboots enjoy

Upon Reboot:*
**For Kit Kat Launcher
You Need to Update Google Now in the Play Store prior to launching KK Launcher*
Update Google Keybaord as well
Open Google Now settings and update us English language
All set...Open the KK launcher and set it up as usual and you now have the full KK launcher and Always Listening Google Now

Once the Google Apps are updated to match the updated gms package I baked in KK launcher should launch without issue
***if you run into some issue I have linked the KK launcher apk in post 2...simply download and install as usual without uninstalling anything and it will launch as it should.

****The choice to root, mod, or flash my rom on your device is your choice and your choice alone...
I take no responsibility if you brick your mega, or it blows up in your kitchen.

***Please Do Not Use My Roms Except for Personal Use Without Asking Permission
***Likewise Please Do Not Repost My Links Without Asking Permission

Thanks to Perzonator for hosting the files on his server

Enjoy MegaFire Mj2 V18 or V18X whichever versions strikes your fancy...


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