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 MetroKat 4.4.4 For Metro Mega 6.3

September 30, 2015, 03:03:55 AM
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MetroKat 4.4.4 For Metro Mega 6.3
« on: September 30, 2015, 03:03:55 AM »
MegaKat for the Metro Galaxy Mega is finally here...

NOT FOR I9205 OR I9200


MegaKat Metro V32X has the same enhancements and tweaks as MegaKat V32X i9205

MegaKat Metro v32X:

Note 5 Ram management optimizations for instant recent apps and switching between apps
Camera overhauled with test shots in the i9205 thread
Super fast and efficient

Shut Down All Knox Security Lockouts
Removed Any Sd Card Locks
Modded Secure Storage
Rebuilt Dalvik and Cache Controller
Camera Optimizations
Removed All Data Mining Via System Apks
Volume Boosted at System Level
I Skipped To V26 As This Build Should Be Way Better
Other Significant Improvements....enjoy

MegaKat Metro V2:

Adds simply updated root binary with a non rooted zip of v2 to follow

Features of V1:
***Rooted: an issue with root binaries on 4.4.4 tw causing root issue
All KNOX Removed
Insanely Fast
2d Rendering Optimized
3d Rendering Optimized
Framelocked at 60fps
Amazing Battery Life: average 5.5 hours screen on and 34 hours total
Additional optimizations and refinements
***Same tweaks and optimizations as MegaKat V12 for i9205

Known Issues:
The only known issue so far is root...the binaries have not been updated so even though I rooted the rom since it's 4.4.4 and apparently the proper root binaries have yet to be released there is no root as of yet...obviously as we get it I'll update it but you should be able to root once autoroot comes out for the new 4.4.4 build.

Flashing Instructions

*Thanks Zeuszoos for the write up...original write up with dirty flashing instructions posted in the thread from the link below...

Dowload the following file first, before you begin with anything:

Google Play Services Apk:

The link is for the "prior to 5.x" and "240 dpi" version of Google Play Services (the device's Default) and is the "034" version of this Services install (just FYI).

Install Steps: Clean flash/clean setup

00) It's always reco to odin flash the stock rom base to start with a stable platform to run off...and as always for the fastest most efficient stable issue free experience...clean flash/clean setup

01) Perform a NanDroid backup of current build

02) Copy the "MegaKat Metro Rom VXxX zip" to your external sd card

03) Reboot into PhilZ Touch Recovery (6.48.4).

04) Wipe: clear data/cache/dalvik/system...or factory reset/wipe

05) Choose "Install Zip".

06) Browse to the "MegaKat Metro Vxxx" Zip file and then select it...

07)Let the rom flash until complete

08) Reboot normally and let everything load to start up

09)Let your Mega rest for 10-15 mins

10) Reboot Into Recovery

11) Select "PhilZ Settings".

12) Run "Re-Root System (SuperSU)" and Reboot.

13) Go into the Google Play Store and Download and Install the SuperSU app

*(if you already had Pro installed, then it will still be installed.  Go to Pro instead and uninstall it, then install SuperSU).

(**SuperSu Pro tip cont... If you bought "SuperSU Pro", in order to get it to recognize Pro, open up the SuperSU app and go into its Settings and use the "Go Pro" option to install Pro.  When you exit back to SuperSU, it will recognize that Pro is installed.)

14)Open SuperSu...Ok...NORMAL...let supersu install binaries into system

15) Reboot the device.

16)Install your apps/root apps

17) Remember to open root apps and grant root acces

18)Enable Dev Options...Uncheck Force Gpu Rendering

19)Perform a NanDroid backup once your setup is nailed down

20)Let your build settle in for the typical 3-4 charge cycles then adjust your setup accordingly...

Remember to check out the op2 in Megakat main thread for optimizing your setup

Flashing Notes...

* If, after installing MegaKat Metro you see the following error after the rom boots up...

"Google Play Services Error"

(Above Status Bar)...then install the Play Services Apk at this point and Reboot... Then continue on with the Steps. If it happened at Step 6 and you missed it, trust me, you'll definitely know when you get to Step 13 trying to open play store :)

No worries though!  Just do the same thing there!

...Enjoy the MegaKat Metro Rom...


MegaKat Metro V32X Unrooted:

MegaKat Metro V30 Unrooted:

MegaKat Metro V26 Unrooted

MegaKat V13 Unrooted:

MegaKat V6 Unrooted:

MegaKat V2 Unrooted:

MegaKat Metro V2 Unrooted Mirror 1: thanks bnb

***DO NOT copy my work, mirror it, or host it on another site witho it my permission
***DO NOT steal my time and effort...i took the time to build the rom for you guys the least you could do is give credit where credit is due and a thanks if you appreciate the work

***I am not responsible for the choices you make with your life, device, or dinner...the choice to root or rom was yours and yours alone I bear no responsibility if you attempt to flash my rom and it blows up in your face or runs off with your fiance lol



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